Bizen Japanese Restaurent

Bizen, 17 Railroad Street
Great Barrington, MA, 01230
United States

Although this post is titled Bizen restaurant, there are also some images of our day trip to Guidos in Becket. Guidos is a health food store, which carries a range of organic produce.

Bizen is a Japanese macrobiotic restaurant in Great Barrington, about 25mins away from the KI. As I am not adventurous with my food outside of Europe, I am not sure how excellent may of the dishes are. I played it safe with my order and had a tofu roll of some sort, which tasted ok. On the other hand, my friends went all out and ordered the entire menu. They absolutely loved their dishes too! One thing I highly suggest ordering is the dessert. The desserts were out of this world. They were super sweet, the kind of sweet that you get an immediate sugar rush from. The tiramisu was excellent, but nothing like a “normal” tiramisu. It was more cake like and it is also impossible to finish it all in one go. Nonetheless, as it was refined sugar free and vegan, I was over the moon!

Being at the KI, in such a remote location, going out is such a big deal. Bizen is perhaps the only place that pure macro people can go out and enjoy the atmosphere outside the KI.  I hope you enjoy the slideshow to see the food at Guidos and Bizen!

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