Macrobiotic meals


Week 1

The next few images will show you some of the macrobiotic meals that I have enjoyed at the KI. 

Clockwise from top Left

Meal 1 = Miso soup, Short grain brown rice, Kale, Kinpira with arame and carrots, beans and pressed salad (14/4)

Meal 2 = Brown rice, greens, Anasazi beans with squash, cauliflower with wakame, pressed cabbage and onions (16/4)

Meal 3 = Brown rice with black soybeans, greens with a tahini sauce, stir fried vegetables and pickled carrots (17/4)

Meal 4 = White bean soup, Brown rice with noodles, seeds and nuts, greens, nishime, carrot pickles (16/4)

Week 1 continued….

Meal 1 = Cauliflower soup, arame in a tahini sauce, carrot pickles and puffed grain cake (18/4)

Meal 2 – Carrot soup, brown rice with barley, greens, nishime, pan fried tofu with miso sauce and sauerkraut. (19/4)

Meal 3 = White bean soup, brown rice, greens with corn, stir fried vegetables, red kidney beans and pressed salad (19/4)

Meal 4 – Brown rice with spelt berries, Arame with sweetcorn and celery, chickpea stew, greens with a sesame sauce and pressed cabbage (12/4)

Meal 5 = Kakiage temura, grated diakon, brown rice, greens, lentils, red cabbage and swede and pickles (18/4)

Meal 6 = Tortilla, Red kidney beans, greens with a tahini sauce, stir fried veggies and pressed cucumber and radish (20/4)

Meal 7+8 – Corn and celery soup, adzuki bean squash, brown rice, kale and red cabbage, nishime in a kuzu sauce, sauerkraut and berry compote with nut topping (22/4)


2 responses to “Macrobiotic meals

    • Hello Amin,

      Tamimi and Carrefour in Riyadh should have imported kale between November and March. Kale is also a super easy crop to grow, so if you would prefer year round kale, you can start growing it. 🙂

      Thank you for your sweet comment! 🙂



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