Macrobiotic meals 2

Week 3


Meal 1 = brown rice with wheat berries, greens, sauteed veggies, beans, apricot and raspberry kanten (19/5)

Meal 2 = brown rice, greens with pumpkin seed dressing, kakiage with soy sauce dip, lentil stew and pickles. (20/5)

Meal 3 and 4 = tortilla, Anasazi beans, greens with tahini dressing, sweet and sour cabbage and pickled onions. (21/5)

Meal 5 = cauliflower soup, brown rice, greens, pickled onions, adzuki squash and arame veggies. Strawberry tart with sesame seed crust and almond cream.  (20/5)

Meal 6 = barley salad, beet greens with pumpkin dressing, onion nishime, white beans and pickles. (4/5)

Week 4

Meal 1 = Soup, brown rice, adzuki beans, bok choy greens, sauteed veggies and pickles. (24/4)

Meal 2 = Veg noodle soup, green tempeh rools, sweet and sour cabbage and pickles. (24/4)

Meal 3 = Soup, rice with shiso leaves, sauteed veggies, millet with mushroom gravy and pickles. (24/4)

Meal 4 = Brown rice, greens, kakiage, red kidney beans and pickles. (25/4)

Meal 5 = Brown rice, polenta, red lentil stew, greens, boiled cauliflower, sauteed snap peas and pressed red cabbage.

Meal 6 = Chickpea soup, brown rice, greens, sauteed veggies and pickles.

Week 5


Meal 1 = Miso soup, brown rice, beet greens with pumpkin seed dressing, nishime and carrot shoyu pickles. (5/5)

Meal 2 = Butternut squash soup, brown rice, tortillas, lettuce salad, chickpeas and pickles. (7/5)

Meal 3 = Veg soup, brown rice, pizza, lettuce salad and broccoli stem pickles, (10/5)

Meal 4 = Brown rice, lentils,turnip and rutabaga nishime,  lettuce salad and pressed salad with dulse flakes. (7/5)

Meal 5 + 8 = Lentil soup, brown rice, boiled broccoli and cauliflower, onion nishime and sauerkraut. (15/5)

Meal 6 = Brown rice with black soybeans, greens, boiled squash and pressed cabbage salad. (15/5)

Meal 7 = Millet, falafel with sesame sauce, hummus, greens, pressed salad with raisins (16/5)

Week 6


Meal 1 = Veg soup, millet with almonds, boiled red cabbage, diakon nishime, broccoli stem pickles. Amazake dessert. (16/5)

Meal 2 = Brown rice, greens, pumpkin seed dressing, chickpea stew, nishime and pickles.  (22/5)

Meal 3 + 6 = Miso soup, Rice balls, greens, tofu dressing, arame sauteed with onion, carrot and snap peas and broccoli stem pickles. (17/5)

Meal 4 = Rice balls, Anasazi beans, greens, squash nishime and sauerkraut (18/5)

Meal 5 = Brown rice, greens, nishime, pickles and cornmeal cake. (18/5)

Meal 7 = Brown rice with noodles, seeds and nuts, greens, white beans and pickles (17/5)


4 responses to “Macrobiotic meals 2

  1. All these meals look tasty! Do you have any recipes for them? My mouth waters looking at the strawberry tart!

    • I don’t have the exact recipes for the strawberry tart, but I am experimenting to try to recreat it. With the other recipes, they will be posted on the blog.
      Stay tuned! 🙂

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