Travel outfit ideas and checklist

Winter travel outfit ideas

As someone who seems to be flying on a weekly basis, having comfortable travel outfits is a must.

The key things to remember when travelling are the following –

Short haul or long haul? – Short haul flights are easy to deal with. Your main handbag should be of a medium size, and you should carry all make up, wet wipes and moisturizers, in addition to all your travel documents and reading material, in this bag. Your outfit can have heels, but try to keep it below 4 inches. When I travel short haul, I travel for the destination I am going to and keep in mind the first activity I will do. for example, if I am going straight to the boutiques, then I dress up bearing in mind I will be shopping and usually walking around more, compared to if I am going to a meeting.

Long haul flights on the other hand can be more luggage intensive. I highly recommend wearing modal or cotton outfits on board in the summer and cashmere for the winter. Always carry your own blanket on board with you, ideally cashmere too. It will be the ultimate luxury on board, when you are flying 30,000ft above everyone. (Thinking about sleeping 30,000ft above everything in what is a flying box is a scary thought by the way. Cant believe I do that regularly) Don’t forgot your pillow, sleeping mask and ear plugs/noise cancelling headphones.

As a girl, I also take face masks on long haul flights. Usually I use SK -II or Aveda face masks. Spending over 6 hours on a flight is awful and your skin gets terribly dehydrated. The masks can provide your skin with much needed nourishment. If you don’t have a mask handy, ask the stewardess for tomato juice. Then dab it on your face using a tissue and wait for it to dry. The tomato juice acts like a natural peel, and leaves your skin glowing after you wash it off.



Spring Travel Outfits







Summer Travel Outfits






2 responses to “Travel outfit ideas and checklist

  1. I like these outfits. Thank you for showing how we should travel without resorting to those dreadful Juicy Couture outfits or those horrid leggings.

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