Bees in Saudi Arabia


No, by beehive I don’t mean the hairstyle!

Upon our return to Riyadh, we discovered this amazing sight on one of our trees. This is a beehive, in the middle of the desert, 600m above sea level! I’m sure you are all aware that temperatures in Riyadh range from highs of 60C in the summer to lows of 0C in the winter. People struggle to adjust to such a climate, so imagine how difficult it is for nature!

We asked around to see if anyone else had heard of a beehive in Riyadh or had known anyone with a beehive in their garden. Most people were shocked and couldn’t believe it! An American and British beehive expert also contacted us requesting a visit to see this sight!

So where are the bees from? Apparently they are from Oman, they are a special species of bees whose honey is prized for its sweetness. Oman is a long way to travel and we are happy that the bees have chosen our garden to create their home in!




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