A Basic Soil Composition Test


This is a very basic soil composition test to see how the different proportions of sand, silt, humus and clay are varied in your soil. The other added benefit is, once you know the soil composition, you can work out how to get the most beneficial composition to produce the best food.

The pictures you see above and below were of the test for Riyadh. Riyadh is in the desert, but the soil is from our garden. I was expecting a high percentage of sand, and I was correct.

Do your own soil composition test and let me know how your proportions varied!

Soil Composition Test
1) Fill a pickling jar halfway with the soil you want to test.
2) Add a lot of dish washing soap and water until the jar is full.
3) Now the fun part…close the lid, and shake the jar vigorously for about two minutes. This ensures the soil and liquid are all mixed up.
4) Leave the jar to stand for 24 hours. The layers will have settled and you can see the components very clearly.

Following this, we can work out the type of soil we have by measuring the thickness of each layer. Click here for the calculations to work out the type of soil you have.




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