A day at the Piemonte organic farm

The compost pile

The Farm in Piemonte…It is super relaxing and wonderful to be back in Italy! Take a look below at some of the things growing this season.

Baby lettuce


The lake where rainwater collects. In the dry months, this is used to water the land.

Hokkaido pumpkins hiding

fresh berries

Butternut Squash



The square peppers that are a specialty to Piemonte

even in the summer, it always rains at 5pm.



The crates filled with onions

Fresh jam


2 responses to “A day at the Piemonte organic farm

  1. Thanks for this post. This farm is organic? I am living in this region now and I am having a hard time finding organic farms to purchase from. Can you tell me more about this or share their contact details? I am eager to connect with the organic community here 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi there,

      Yep, this farm is certified organic. The farm is about 1 hour drive of Torino. All their products are sold through Biobottega in Torino or other reputable green grocery stores in the region.

      To get in touch with the local organic community, it’s best to go to the farmers market. They are held once a month in most major cities, usually at the end. There you can meet the organic farmers or their representatives directly. The easiest way to check for your local farmers market is to search for “farmers market in ” and then add your local major city.

      If you need more help, please let me know and I’ll see if I can locate a list of all the organic farmers in Piemonte.

      All the best,

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