Biobottega – Europe’s largest organic foodstore!

The lush, green, rich fertile farmland in Torino

Ahh Torino, home of the SLOW Food movement…How much do I miss you right now!

Whilst we there, we went to Biobottega. It is, as my title mentions, Europe’s largest organic food store. I highly recommend visiting it if you are there. From rice mozzarella to organic vegan beauty producta, it has it all!  Aside from organic foods, they also sell sustainable clothes and homeware. If you get hungry, not to worry! They have a cafe that serves both vegan and vegetarian food.

I love that the Italians and French are super proud of the excellent quality of food they produce. Also, they hate imports and no matter how great the import may be, they will always prefer to buy local!

Before we went to Biobottega, we also stopped by at a Farmer’s Market to see and meet some of the local farmers. Here are some pictures of our day.

Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s market – MASSIVE Aubergines

YES!!! Rice Mozzarella!

YES! An ENTIRE aisle dedicated to organic macrobiotic goods!

**drool** So many Macrobiotic products!!

Biscuits – refined sugar and gluten free!


freshly baked organic breads

Some of the fresh organic produce…the maximum distance traveled from farm to store was less than one hour!

Baking section?! Buy it ALL!

I brought the entire stock from the baking section!

Beauty section

Biobottega website –


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