What’s your Nine Star Ki number?

You can use the charts below to work out your number. Or you can click here to work it out automatically.

For example, if I was born on 24th April, 1978 then my Nine Star Ki will be 4-tree, 6-metal, 4-tree.

1 – Water:
Associated with: Midnight, North, Winter, Kidneys/Bladder/Reproductive, Transparent/White
Character of House: Dormancy, Hibernation, Planning, Stillness, Contemplation, Study, Self-Reflection, Spirituality
The 1 water personality: Adaptable, flexible, easy-going, agreeable, mediator, facilitator, social relations, communications, creativity, gentle, reserved, strong, good listeners, good keeping secrets, insightful, sensitive, discreet, empathetic
Extremes: Noncommittal, indecisive, lacking clear opinion, and direction
2 – Soil:
Associated with: Early Afternoon, South West, Indian Summer, Spleen/Pancreas, Black
Character of House: Stagnation, Preparation, Listening, Conservative, Strengthening, Self-Development, Friendship
The 2 Soil Personality: Kind, secure, thoughtful, nurturing, sincere, maternal, attentive, devoted, self-motivated, efficient
Extremes: Perfectionist, overly-sensitive, inadaptability, demanding, idealistic, pushy, procrastinates
3 – Tree:
Associated with: Sunrise, East, Early Spring, Liver/Gallbladder, Light green
Character of House: Proceeding, Advancement, Beginnings, Accomplishing, Optimism, Creativity
The 3 Tree Personality: Emotional, strong, idealistic, poetic, brilliant, active, aesthetic, kind-hearted, straightforward, romantic, successful
Extremes: Tempermental, opinionated, stubborn, competitive
4 -Tree:
Associated with: Morning, South East, Late Spring, Liver/Gallbladder, Dark Green
Character of House: Growth, Development, Maturation, Flourishing, Artistic, Expression, Experience
The 4 Tree Personality: Thoughtful, practical, ambitious, socially oriented, analytical, theoretical, sensitive, open-minded, eloquent, romantic
Extremes: Over-idealistic, impractical, wasteful, risky, indecisive, over-ambitious
5 – Soil:
Associated with Transition, Center, Balance, Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas, Yellow
Character of House: Up/Down, Positive/Negative, Heaven/Earth, Balance
The 5 Soil Personality: Well-defined opinions and character, center-oriented, realistic, practical, direct, integrity, studious, self-confident, independent, willful, responsible, extremely influential
Extremes: Self-important, opinionated, egotistical, unadaptable, detached
6 – Metal:
Associated with: Evening, North West, Late Autumn, Lungs/Large Intestines, White/Silver
Character of House: Prosperity, Harvest, Success, Finance, Self-Development
The 6 Metal Personality: Self-disciplined, strong, clever, logical, ethical, orderly, intellectual, leadership, honest, straightforward, creative, conservative
Extremes: Unadaptable, closed-minded, stubborn, imposing, difficult social relations
7 – Metal:
Associated with: Sunset, Early Autumn, Lung/Large Intestine, Red
Character of House: Joy, Fruition, Satisfaction, Benefits, Consistency, Finance, Tradition
The 7 Metal Personality: Very practical, materially well versed, intuitive, organizational, good common sense, bright, active, stylish, eloquent, excellent, work ethic
Extremes: Bossy, picky, compulsive, materialistic, excessive
8 – Soil:
Associated with: Pre-Dawn, North East, Late Winter, Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas, Stark White
Character of House: Revolution, Change, Transformation, Renewal, Reincarnation, Resurrection
The 8 Soil Personality: Serious, quiet, strong, deep thinkers, refined, intelligent, self-reliant, optimistic, introspective, adventurous, gentle, just, resourceful
Extremes: Isolated, stubborn, reclusive, materialistic
9 – Fire:
Associated with: Noon, South, Summer, Heart/Small Intestine, Purple
Character of House: Activity, Fame, Brightness, Success, Movement
The 9 Fire Personality: Active, outgoing, sociable, energetic, clear opinion, spontaneous, quick and sharp mind, good public relations, independent
Extremes: Over-impulsive, arrogant, superficial, lacking kindness, overconfident, critical
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One response to “What’s your Nine Star Ki number?

  1. Your third chart doesn’t seem to agree with the automatic calculator or the example. Perhaps an explanation on how to figure it out is needed.

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