Organic produce in Lulu supermarket

Lulu hypermarket is located in Riyadh Avenue Mall. Lulu is mainly aimed at the expat community, but I did see a few Saudis shopping there. It stocks a variety of organic produce, more so than Tamimi and Panda. Lulu is perhaps the only supermarket in Riyadh that has organic tempeh, tofu and Ecover natural cleaning products.

If you live in Riyadh, I highly recommend you visit it!

Lulu Saudi HyperMarket
Riyadh Avenue Mall
PO Box: 4330
Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
PH: 0096614026655

These are just some of the non dairy milk for sale. Bjorg is a French health food company and this is some of the soy milk for sale. Also, Lulu have lactose free milk, if you suffer from lactose intolerance and don’t want to give up milk.

I was shocked to see so much non-dairy milk on offer. There’s almond milk and soy milk. They may be organic but they still have added sweeteners and stabilisers so please read before you buy.

Clearspring kombu seaweed

In case you needed organic shredded coconut or pistachios, you can find it in Lulu in the imported foods section.

This is also great – organic apricots and flaxseeds. Since there are GMO flaxseeds around, it’s always better to buy organic.

This is a section devoted to Textured Vegetable Protein, or “fake meat.” There were turkey slices, pepperoni and chicken breasts. There are many added preservatives and chemicals so, once again, read before you buy.

This is tempeh, a fermented soybean product native to Indonesia. This was imported from the USA and is organic. I’ve only ever found tempeh in Lulu, and as of yet have found no other supermarket stocking it.

The amount of tofu products available bewilders me! Just take a look at the amount of organic tofu that Lulu stocks!

Even more tofu!

Lulu stock Ecover products! These are environmentally friendly and natural cleaning products.

Overview of the organic produce available at Lulu.

Organic watercress.

Organic peppers and cabbage.

Organic vegetables.

Organic fruit and herbs for sale, but the packet of raspberry is not organic, someone just left it there.



13 responses to “Organic produce in Lulu supermarket

  1. I am from mountain area call Murree Hills 3 hours drive toward Kashmir from Islamabad Pakistan, and we grow 100% organic food no chemical and pesticides,and we grow very high quality fruit and vegetable,meat and dairy products i am interested to supply to Saudi Arabia,anybody can help me to market my products or provide me list of the organic food buyers,i will appreciate your help and support for helping others Health and wellbeing.
    Mohammad Taj Satti

    • Hi,

      Saudi Arabia does NOT import organic food outside of Europe or USA. Also, Saudis prefer locally produced goods to imported organic.

      NOTE –
      If your products are not internationally certified, you cannot label it organic to export to other countries. Your word is not enough to satisfy international law requirements regarding organic agriculture.

      Although admirable, your efforts will be wasted here. I would suggest concentrating on getting your products to the Pakistani market, especially cities such as Lahore or Karachi, where there is a strong demand for such goods. Furthermore, the indian city of Mumbai is experiencing a strong demand for organic produce. Aside from being closer to Pakistan, these cities will mean less pollution will be created from transporting the food.

      I think both my responses will answer your question. I would appreciate it if you refrain from leaving the same above comment on all my posts.

      All the best,


  2. This is fantastic news!! I’ve been looking all over for almond milk, and other milk free products, my baby was diagnosed cow’s milk protein allergy and I can’t even drink soy milk now because it has similar proteins that are excreted into breast milk. And all that tofu and “fake meat” WOW.
    Did you happen to see any dairy free baby cereals there?

    Thanks Sarah!!

    • Hi again Layla,

      i agree, it’s fantastic news! Most of the major supermarkets now carry dairy free milks.
      I think more and more babies are being diagnosed with cow’s milk allergies because cow milk is no longer the same as when we were younger, there’s too many hormones in it, that unless you’re buying organic, your baby will have great difficulty to digest it. And in some cases, some doctors argue that baby’s shouldn’t drink cows milk because they don’t have the enzymes to digest it. They will follow the ssying mother’s milk is best.

      It’s probably better that you don’t drink soy milk. Unfermented soy products are known to mimic the hormone oestrogen.

      “Perhaps the most disturbing of soy’s ill effects on health has to do with its phytoestrogens, which can mimic the effects of the female hormone, oestrogen. These phytoestrogens have been found to have adverse effects on various human tissues, and drinking only two glasses of soy milk daily for one month has enough of the chemical to alter a woman’s menstrual cycle.”

      Learn more:

      Almond milk is also super easy to make at home. For now, and I’m sure your doctor has told you this too, ensure you eat a balanced diet, and organic where possible, to produce the most nourishing milk.

      As for the diary free baby cereals, I am not sure if Lulu sells them. Given that Lulu has a lot of indian expats shopping there, and some Indians don’t eat diary products, there is a chance that it could be there. Otherwise, I think it’s better to order online. If you also have a specific baby product you’re looking for, seeing as I’m in London now, I can bring it with me and send it to you when I arrive to Riyadh on Monday. Baby’s are hard enough to deal with, and a baby with allergies must be super stressful for you.

      Sorry I couldn’t be so helpful with regards to your second question.

  3. Hi,
    I always get Tempeh from Indonesian speciality baqalahs around Riyadh. They have tofu too. But I’m pretty sure they’re not organic 😦 They’re pretty cheap, though, 5SR per package only. They’re made here locally by Indonesians working for their Saudi sponsors.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. That sounds so cool! Can you please give me a location for one of these baqalas? I’d love to give them organic soybeans that I no longer use.

      Thanks again for your comment! 🙂


  4. Hi, which section did you find the tempeh and tofu? Been there in many occassions but couldnt find them

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  7. hi sarah – just a quick comment to say how pleased i am to have found your blog. i am a vegetarian with vegan leanings – and a big home cook – and there’s a possibility i may be moving to riyadh for my husband’s job in the new year. i am super psyched to see all these organic and non-dairy options (currently we’re in morocco where you can get soy milk but i haven’t seen any tofu … yet) which definitely would make my life happier there should we move 🙂 i look forward to exploring more of your blog. be well.

    • Hi Nicole,

      Apologies for the late reply.
      Thank you for your kind wishes and lovely comment. I hope you are well too. Ahh I don’t know how Riyadh will compare to Morocco- I hope you both come to the best decision. 🙂 Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have on Riyadh.

      Best wishes,

  8. Hi..
    I live in Jubail. I am trying to get organic produce in Jubail, please give me an information where I can buy organic vegetables and fruit in wholesale price. I also don’t mind to go to Khobar to find it.
    Thank you.

    • Hi there,

      There is an Abazeer that opened up on Pepsi Street in Al Khobar If you’re buying in bulk, they might be able to provide wholesale prices.

      Best wishes,

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