Review: Biobest (Now Closed)


Cercon Bldg. 5,
Musa bin Nussair St.,
PO Box 52447,
Phone +966 1 4631030
Opening hours: Sat-Thurs 10am – 10pm.
Fri 5pm – 10pm.

BIobest is a store which sells a variety of organic food stuffs. This includes organic beauty products, food and vegetables. Most of the time it appears as though products are stuck in the customs channel, and inventory is replenished and updated extremely slowly. This is because almost all of the products are imported from Italy or Germany. However, in the last month or so, we have seen some more Saudi organically farmed products hit the shelves, mainly limited to grains and the local vegetables.

Although the products are organic, if you are avoiding certain ingredients, please double check the ingredients of goods. For example, if you are avoiding cane sugar, don’t buy some of the dried fruit products as they contain added cane sugar. The chocolate also contains either milk powder or may be contaminated with milk. Biobest is also one of the stores in Riyadh where you can buy paraben and aluminium free deodorants.

Other than that, have fun shopping! 😉


This is the beauty section, where shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, sunscreen, makeup and some baby toiletries can be brought.


Here there is some organic fruit juices, chocolate, vegetables and organic eggs for sale.


On the left side, beans, quinoa, millet, rice, pasta, vinegars and salt are for sale.
The right side has dried fruit, nuts and jams.


There is a small section dedicated to health related books. Notice a copy of The Macrobiotic Diet in Arabic. Most of the books are Arabic but there are some English books for sale.


This is the section where flours are sold. You have the choice of brown rice, kamut, chickpea and wheat flour to name but a few. Furthermore, there is wheatgrass and wheat germ powder for sale, I know this is especially informative for the smoothie junkies of Riyadh! 😛


These are some of the locally grown organic grains that are being stocked. There is organic wholewheat flour and organic barely flour. It costs 30SAR for a 5kg bag.


Onto the oils, you have your choice of organic sunflower, corn or olive oil. There is also cold pressed virgin coconut oil for sale at 120SAR per jar.


There are more pastas, but some of these contain egg.


This is locally grown organic whole wheat.


Grain coffee.


The breakfast section – including cereals and biscuits.


Finally, some coffee, chocolate and sesame snap bars. Read the ingredients before you buy and be aware that the sesame bars are sweetened with corn syrup.


7 responses to “Review: Biobest (Now Closed)

  1. thanks so much for this post! this is excellent info, as i’ve been searching high and low for cold-pressed virgin coconut oil here in riyadh, and all i’ve been able to find so far is the icky refined stuff. i’ll definitely be paying biobest a visit soon!

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