Review: Tokyo Japanese Restaurent in Riyadh


The entrance to the family section

Oruba Street
Al Wurdud

Tel: 01 4605672
Tokyo Restaurant website

It was an anniversary recently, and we celebrated one of the anniversaries in Riyadh. (I have three anniversaries) We decided to go out for dinner and chose Japanese cuisine. Originally, we were going to go to Zuma, but alas, work commitments meant we stayed in the Kingdom

Tokyo Japanese restaurant was the first japanese restaurant in Riyadh, and perhaps the most successful. Popular with expats and Saudi’s alike, it’s a great place to eat japanese food in a comfortable setting. Like most of the service industry, you will be served by Pinoys or Indian waiters. The restaurant underwent a major renovation this year, and this was my first visit since.

I’m not a big fan of eating out in Asian restaurants because I always leave with a headache from the MSG-laden soy sauces used during the cooking. However, Tokyo left me a little surprised…I did not have a headache afterwards. In fact, I found the food to be great. The sashimi was also very fresh and enjoyable. I found the staff to be extremely helpful – they kept running back and forth to ask the chefs which dishes were suitable for vegans! Furthermore, since I was on a gluten-free month, I didn’t want to eat udon or soba noodles. The staff were very happy to accommodate this request and went to buy organic gluten free noodles from Biobest! Now that’s what I call service! The only complaint is that the noise level feels a tad bit higher, but perhaps that was because we went out to dinner at 9pm.

If you’re a person with specific dietary requirements, I would highly suggest letting the restaurant know in advance. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy your meal just a little bit more. 🙂

Spending an anniversary in Riyadh was different, compared to say spending an anniversary in Paris. Nonetheless, I really appreciated the kindness of the staff who made our day a little more special!

Thank you, Tokyo Restaurant!


Miso soup and salad that you are greeted with upon arrival


Unagi on the left….Crab & avacado on the right


Avacado rolls


Assortment of sashimi and more Unagi


Natto maki


Rice noodles in broth with deep fried tofu


3 responses to “Review: Tokyo Japanese Restaurent in Riyadh

    • Hello!

      I’m so happy that you enjoyed the salmon sushi! No other Japanese restaurant comes close to this in Riyadh.

      Hope you enjoy your time in Saudi Arabia. 🙂


      • i think you’re right, sarah, well, at the very least for the sushi’s and sashimis. for table cooking showmanship, you might agree that Shogun at radisson blu hotel is tops 🙂

        i am enjoying my time so far, thank you! hope you are too. — neil

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