Review: NH Lingotto Tech


Raw materials used to arrive by train to the former Fiat factory, lines which still exist today

Hotel Le Méridien Turin Art+Tech*****
Via Nizza, 230,
011 6642000
NH Lingotto Tech website

One would never expect a former car factory to be turned into a hotel, but that is the case with Lingotto Tech, a five star hotel in Torino. The building used to be the former Fiat factory, that is before they moved to a new bigger factory a little distance away. One of the greatest things about this hotel is that you can never feel claustrophobic! The ceilings are very high, the rooms have floor to ceiling windows and the interior of the hotel is also very bright and airy.

My main reason for sharing this hotel is the super fast Internet speed.

During my last visit to Italy, I had to set up office for the day in the city, and I was recommended this hotel. At first, I was sceptical. After all my travels, I have my fair share of horrendous stories regarding Internet in hotels, but suffice to say this hotel gave me quite a shock…stable Internet was their selling point!

When visiting France, Monaco or Italy on a regular basis, one thing you will discover is the Internet is slow compared to the speeds in London and Riyadh. (I dare not compare Internet speeds anywhere to that of Asia, since it is too embarrassing!) Furthermore, hotels modems automatically reset after two hours, so stability is another thing one needs to be aware of. I called every five star hotel in Torino to find out which hotel had stable Internet, and Lingotto Tech was the only one who could confirm that their Internet was stable. The other hotels, wanting me to be a customer, promised all sorts, yet their Internet was, literally, nothing to write home about. I used to verify the speed and stability, and it was fantastic. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what the speed was as I misplaced the paper which I wrote it down on.

The only complaint I have about this hotel is the floor of the rooms are very hard. I’m not sure what type of flooring they used, whether it is even called carpet or not, but with my shoes on, I felt like I was walking on concrete. With slippers, it feels like your feet are being sanded down with each step. But, stable Internet comes at a price and so this is only something I wanted to make you aware of. Other than that, the service was great with polite and helpful staff. The hotel is in the city centre, and there is a major supermarket and shopping centre with cinema nearby. And since Torino is only an hour away from the Alps, you can easily hit the slopes in the winter or enjoy the fresh air and just walk around the national parks in the summer.

If you ever find yourself in Torino, and need a hotel with stable high-speed Internet, then head to Lingotto Tech! What’s more, if you really feel like it, you can drive your car around the roof top test track, just like all the Fiats produced here were tested. Even more reason to come here is the fact that Eataly, the ultimate heaven for foodies, is just around the corner! Mmmm fresh olive bread from Eataly was amazing…highly recommend it!


So much natural light!


This is the view from my room.


The Lingotto factory was unique, since it had an upward spiral assembly line. Each floor specialised in one part of the manufacturing process. As the products moved from the ground to the upper floors, the Fiat car would be built.


Today, each floor has it’s own restaurant or cafe.


There was a purpose to the Lingotto factory having an upward spiral assembly line…it allowed all new cars to be tested on the test track on the roof. The glass dome on the left is where the test track still exists today.


In Torino, the slow food movement is everywhere!


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