The first organic hokkaido pumpkin in Saudi Arabia


The Hokkaido pumpkin, otherwise known as the red kurt squash, is one of my favourite squashes. It has a slight chestnut like flavour, that reminds me of the warm winter days in London. My siblings and I would be watching Peter Pan, whilst eating fresh chestnuts and a red kuri squash soup. Although it now feels like eons ago, nothing beats the taste of vegetables that you’ve put the energy in to growing.

Since this variety of pumpkin held such a dear place, we chose it to be the first vegetable that we would try growing in Riyadh. We saved the organic seeds from Italy, and within a day of our arrival back, we planted it.

It was amazing to see how one seed can give rise to at least 3 further pumpkins. If I wanted to leave Riyadh for a while, I had to ensure that the plant was looked after. It felt like I had a little child that i was caring for. It truly was an incredible journey, and over the last 140 days, I’ve learnt so much.

For now, we are rejoicing as one of the pumpkins is nearly ready. The pumpkin in the picture has a circumference if about 15 inches, and about 7 inches long.

Do you have a favourite vegetable that you’re looking for in Saudi? Let me know, and I’m sure I can try and locate it.



2 responses to “The first organic hokkaido pumpkin in Saudi Arabia

    • Hi Enrico,

      We planted in the winter time – from November to January. The weather is cool for half the year when the traditional winter crops can be grown in the open. If you are planting during the summer time, you can use greenhouses or shade nets. Of course, your costs increase tremendously with the greenhouse.



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