From Saudi Gazette – Remains of Umayyad-era castle unearthed in Madinah


Remains of the castle that dates back to the first century Hijra. — SPA

In my earlier post, I mentioned a road trip I had undertaken. Here is one of the reasons I wanted to go to Madinah. Unfortunately, due to an unexpected event, I didn’t get to see it this time round.

MADINAH — An ancient castle that dates back to the first century Hijra has been discovered in Al-Aqeeq valley in Madinah.

Historical ruins of the castle were unearthed in excavations carried out by a team of archeologists from the Supreme Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, said Dr. Khaled Bin Muhammad Askoubi, head of the team.

The discoveries also included a variety of pottery, glasses, tools made of stone, and steatite utensils, the Saudi Press Agency reported Sunday.

Askoubi said that the Antiquities and Museums Department of SCTA carried out excavations over two seasons continuously in the valley near the ancient castle named after Urwah Bin Al-Zubair, grandson of the first Caliph Abubakr.

He said the remains of the Umayyad era castle included foundations of eight rooms on an area spreading over 40×30 sq. meters, and the walls were made of volcanic stones.



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