New caves in Northern Saudi Arabia

One of the reasons I love Saudi Arabia is that it is seeped in history, with much of it is still to be discovered. Now for most people, caves are of no interest. However, I find caves thoroughly fascinating, and so I am terribly excited that now there are even more to visit…

You might also find them final paragraph of this text interesting, as it mentions the varied landscapes of Saudi Arabia.

Head of the Saudi Geological Survey Zuhair Al-Nawwab said four new caves were discovered in the Kingdom’s northern part in 2012, brining the total number of discovered caves to 130 medium and big caves. Nawwab said there are several new fossil discoveries that will be announced this year after studies are complete, adding that within an agreement with the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA), a proposal was filed with the latter including information about a number of caves that are adequate for tourist investment.

The work is still continuing at the Saadan area in Makkah where indications show that fossils of ancient mammals are present. He said sediments in the Shumaisi geological formation was formed under semi-tropic weather and rain and an environment of forests, lakes and rivers, which is an environment adequate for the life of mammals. Fossils are not relics, he said, but rather scientific and geological historic indications about the ancient life of creatures.

The Kingdom’s geology contains rock records of most geological periods, he said.

Saudi Arabia’s geology is diverse. Volcanic areas cover more than 82,000 square meters. Other geological features include marine ones given the country’s more than 1,000 islands in the Gulf and Red Sea, different rock formations, hot springs, deep valleys and lava fields.

Arab News


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