Where is Rawdat Khuraim?

A lot of readers have been asking where Rawdat Khuraim is located. Since my instructions in the previous post were vague, here are google map images of how to get there.

Rawdat Khuraim is a basically a wildlife park. It was opened in 2005 by the now King, but then Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. It’s a place where people flock to when they need to get away from the noise, pollution and other things that can make living in the city tiring. You can recharge your batteries from the greenery, spot a few wild animals and just lay in the shade having a picnic with your friends or family. In a city with not many things to do besides shopping, this is probably a highlight for all the outdoor adventurers!

It’s about 80miles or 127km from the Kingdom Centre, with the journey taking about 1.5 to 2 hours from there.

How to get there

1) Get on to route 40, Dammam Road or 522, Khurais Road. Keep going in the North East direction until you hit a roundabout.

2) At the roundabout, follow the signs to Rawdat Khuraim. It is about 40 miles from here.

3) Remember that there are no restroom facilities here, so prepare in advance for that.





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