Riyadh Farming update 1


It’s coming up to the one month point for some of our crops, so now’s the perfect time for a little update.

Look at the difference two days makes! The first and second pictures were taken earlier tonight. The third and fourth pictures were taken two days ago, on Wednesday. Everything is growing so fast!

Luckily, we’ve not had many problems in the first month. The occasional aphid does pop up, but once we remove it, the plants appear more energetic and grow even more the next day. We’ve had to deal with the birds, who have started to visit the farm area more often. However, as there are so many wild cats around, the birds don’t stick around the farm area for too long.

I am partly to blame for all the birds. We have over 12 nests in our grounds, and I’m sure if I didn’t feed them so much, we would not have so many. If anything, there’s so much more wildlife being attracted to the farming side of the house. There’s worms, birds, bees, dragonflies, butterflies, flies and even cats.

Going back to the pictures, you will notice the top and bottom pictures show the sunflowers.
The second and third pictures show the corn and the lentils. I am really looking forward to the whole area being green in a couple of weeks and tasting the first of the crops. Excluding the cover crop, we have over 15 different vegetables and two fruits in production.

In two weeks time, we’re harvesting the baby carrots and red radishes. I cannot wait to see what they will taste like!





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