Jung Da Yeon Figurerobics – Easy at home exercise


Jung Da Yeon Before and After


Recently I was at a dinner where the conversation topic turned to exercise. There were many Saudi and expat women present, who shared their woes when it came to exercising at home. From children running around, to just not enough time, I’m sure we can all relate to every excuse in the book when it comes to putting off exercise. But how long can you put it off until you have no choice but to do something about it? In this post, I want to introduce you to Figurerobics, one of the easiest ways to ease yourself into exercise after a long break.

I discovered Figureobics on a trip to Seoul, South Korea. I am in themajority when it comes to exercising when I’m away from home – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hotel gym aside from in Seoul and Monaco. This is partly because I hate exercising in public, and partly because who wants to be stuck in a gym when there’s so many other things to do? (Just ensure you walk and do some arm exercises and you’ll be fine is my motto lol)

Anyway, on this particular day the weather was terrible so we spent the day at the hotel. I dragged myself down to the gym where they said the next class was Figureobics, and since I had nothing to lose, I may as well attend it.

So what exactly is Figureobics?

It’s a combination of aerobics and dance moves to help you get fit. It was invented by a Korean lady, Jung Da- Yeon who lost weight after postpartum through this exercise. I do the above video on my lazy day of exercise or when I have little time. The video is all in Korean but the moves are very easy to follow. If you’re starting out after a long break away from exercise, I would suggest do the first 5-10 mins of the video for 10-14 days. Ease yourself into it slowly. Also, if you have knee issues, consult with your doctor before you start doing this video.

After 10-14 days, add another 5 minutes for a total of 10-15 minutes a day for the next 10-14 days. Continue this process until you can do the full 30 minutes in one go. This will not overwhelm your body, and is a slow way to re-integrate exercise back into your life.

If you have kids running around, get them to join in, give them a book to colour or read, or as has become the norm now, give them an iPad. The Figurerobics video is short, about 30 minutes of exercise in total, so you can easily fit it into your day. If 30 mins in one go is difficult to find, do 10 minutes before each meal or while your cooking/watching TV. What’s important is to make it work for you!

The reason why I’m posting this is because it’s one of the most simple and fun videos to do by yourself, with friends or even with children. It’s only 30 minutes long but it provides a full workout for your body. Do you know what the biggest worry for most women is when it comes to exercising? That they are embarrassed to go to the gym. They’re scared that other women will make fun of them, that they’ll struggle with the exercises and they’ll look strange amongst the younger women.

Although these are serious concerns, there are always solutions to everything. Firstly, don’t be embarassed, just increase your strength and stamina at home slowly. As for other women making fun, don’t let it effect you. Just say “I don’t agree” and ignore them. Finally, we will all get older and wiser, and so don’t feel threatened by younger women. Eventually, through hard work, right nutrition and dedication, you can get any body you desire.

I touched on an important point there on nutrition. Don’t eat chocolate or other junk thinking that because you have completed ten minutes of aerobic exercise, you can now eat everything without it showing up on your body. I’ll write a later post on nutrition. For now, see if Figurerobics can make a difference in your life.

Good Luck! 🙂

PS You can buy dumbbells in SACO, and a set with 2 x 0.5kg, 2 x 1kg and 2 x 1.5kg dumbbells costs 69 SAR. You can also buy a yoga mat from SACO for 75 SAR or the sports store on King Fahd Street has various yoga mats starting from 90 SAR. If you can’t go out, just fill a bottle with water/sand to use as dumbbells and use a bath towel as a mat.


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11 responses to “Jung Da Yeon Figurerobics – Easy at home exercise

    • Hi there,

      My friend did all three videos of figureobics to lose her pregnancy weight. She did the videos every day and ate 3 balanced meals and noticed after 5 days that she was losing weight and her body was becoming tighter.

      I have no doubt that Figurerobics works, but to see great results you need to ensure your meals are healthy and nutritiously balanced.

      Hope this helps!


  1. como se hace el plan cada que tiempo hago el vídeo 1 2 3 y 4 son diario los 4 o por días si me pudieras decir los tiempos gracias

    • Hola Rosario,

      que debe hacer un video diario con una caminata de 30 minutos al día rápido para ver los máximos resultados.

      You should do one video daily, with a daily 30 minute fast walk to see maximum results. 😃

  2. Hi there!
    May I know how many times to do per week? And do I change the video to do weekly or daily?


    • Hi there,

      Depending on your fitness level, aim to be active at least 5-6 days a week for about 30 minutes. You should do a different video daily, with one or 2 days of rest a week.

      Of course, your body will adapt to the same routine over time as your body becomes more efficient at the movement. This usually occurs around the 6 week mark. After this point, you need to increase the intensity or add weights to ensure you still get results.

      Good luck!


  3. Thanks for the videos! My friend told me about this workout and we did the first one together a while ago. I was wondering where to find the others. I’m not a postpartum woman but I live on the second floor so I’m barred from workouts that involve jumping, so this is perfect for me.

    • Hi Grace,

      The online seller that I linked above has stopped selling the product. I think the best option would be to order directly from South Korea. On the other hand, if you have a Korea Town in your city, perhaps one of the stores can order it for you?

      Apologies for not being more helpful now.


  4. Figurerobics seems pretty awesome. Is there any particular diet or number of meals you should eat?

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