Make your own Almond Milk


Almond milk is super easy to make at home. Forgo all the plastic packaging, the airmiles, the sugar and other preservatives and do it yourself. 🙂

Just one thing, don’t use agave syrup to sweeten your milk. There’s nothing natural about agave!
If you’re in Saudi, I would suggest you use only dates to sweeten your milk. Aside from being native to the area, organic dates are now everywhere. Biobest and Abazeer are the best places for organic dates. Watania, the brainchild of Sheikh Al- Rajhi, also sells organic dates and they have outlets in nearly every province.

And in case you need something sweeter, use grain syrup or organic maple syrup. Again, Biobest in Riyadh and Abazeer in Jeddah are the places to go.


2 responses to “Make your own Almond Milk

  1. Salam..thanx for the milk recipe. Planning to cut down on cow’s milk as it worsens my allergy. Just one question..would it be fine to blend the almonds with the water se used for soaking it, so as to lose out on the nutrients? But will that affect the storage time of the milk? JazakAllah khair in advance 🙂

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