Easy Greens to grow at home


Following on from yesterday’s post, here are some easy greens you can grow at home. I think it’s no secret that we’ve stopped buying greens – now we’re either gifted the greens from our farming friends in Al -Kharj or we grow our own.

The above are all simple greens that you can grow at home. You can use a container for each green. Since I love juicing greens like arugula, spinach and lettuce, we’re very lucky that these grow easily. There are some people that say dandelion is very easy to grow, but as the birds killed our dandelion plants, I can’t confirm this yet,

The other thing about these greens is you don’t have to pull the whole plant out. We usually just chop the leaves, but still leave the plant in the ground. Aside from having a continuous supply of greens, it stops the birds from stealing the new tender leaves that grow back.


2 responses to “Easy Greens to grow at home

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for visiting. 😉

      In order to help you better, I would like to ask you two questions.
      Firstly, do you have a balcony or access to an outside area to place containers?
      Secondly, do you have access to a window where sunlight comes into your home?

      Your responses will greatly help in answering your question.

      Thanks in advance,

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