Nutrition Corner Riyadh


Organic breakfast cereals, legumes and grains

Nutrition Corner
Al Urubah Road (in between Herfy and the garage)

Nutrition Corner is another place where we  go to buy organic goods in Riyadh. We like this store because it stocks a few Abazeer products, such as lotus root and hibiscus tea, which are difficult to find elsewhere. This store was also one of the first stores to stock Organic Raw Manuka Honey. Furthermore, if you’re looking for organic bee pollen or royal jelly, you can find it in this store. 

Nutrition Corner does not sell any fresh organic goods. Everything is imported, excluding the Abazeer products. They do not sell organic baby food.They only sell packaged or dried organic goods. The sales assistants do not speak English, but you’ll be ok as you can tell what the products are visually or by reading the English label.


Lots of macrobiotic goodies – wakame, arame, hijiki, tamari, shoyu, hazelnut butter, cashew butter, organic rice miso, ume paste, organic sesame oil, apple juice and tomato passata.


hijiki, kombu, nori and wakame strips. Goods from Abazeer include hibiscus tea, shitake mushrooms and lotus root. Finally, raw apple cider vinegar and soy milk.


Soy Milk, Rice milk, almond milk, olive oil, sesame oil and balsamic vinegar, honey and teas.


Raw Manuka Honey 16+ and 12+, 225 and 200 SAR respectively.



Lots of different oils



Beauty products


Hair Dyes




Gluten free pastas, flours and breakfast cereals. Also available here are the Ener-G egg replacers.


Gluten Free biscuits

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