Review: Watania Showroom, Riyadh





Google Coordinates: 24.714439,46.677046

TEL: 9200-201-01

SUN – THURS 10am – Zuhr, Asr to 1opm

FRI – SAT please call the store for opening times

This is my long awaited review on Watania. I’ve had countless emails asking me about what Watania looks like, where it’s located and the products they sell. While I’ve responded to each one individually, I’ve been planning to do a blog post on Watania for a while. With our recent arrival back to Riyadh, there seemed to be no perfect time to pop by Watania than en route home.

Let’s begin with the location. Watania is located on Urubah Road, Riyadh. The following image should show you the location clearly.


As you may already know, Watania is owned by Sheikh Al-Rajhi. Most of Watania’s products are produced within Saudi Arabia. The prices are more affordable, when compared to some of the other organic food retailers.

From ostrich eggs to honey, seasonal fruits and vegetables, ostrich meat, rabbit meat and poultry, there’s something for everyone. I love Watania because they are one of the few wheat growers and sellers that does not leave me with gluten allergy symptom.

Watania has daily deliveries of vegetables. For the freshest produce, try to go early on in the day. They’re open from 10am to Zuhr and then after Asr to 10pm.

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to leave a comment or email me. Have fun organic shopping!


Here’s a video on Watania.


Organic Oats, White Flour, Whole Wheat Flour and White Flour with the bran. 2kg costs 12 SAR. Organic Sheshi dates are 11 SAR for 1.2KG. (Sheshi dates are similar to sukkary in terms of appearance, but are slightly less sweet)


The main showroom



Organic flour


Organic dates and organic cracked wheat


Organic grapes, cucumber, aubergine, squash, courgettes, apples and fresh dates.




Mineral water from the Busaita aquifer in Jouf. 6 x 2litres costs 15 SAR. The water is packaged in non-BPA leaching plastic bottle. Watania is in the process of switching to glass bottles. The water has a very light taste, even lighter than Evian water.


Organic Tomato Ketchup (5 SAR) and Tomato Paste (3 SAR)


Organic grape and apple juices. I use the grape juice as a sweetener for homemade jams (when I feel inventive hehe) Below there’s camel, goat and cow milk. (obviously not mixed all together) Sometimes they can order raw milk, but you drink this at your own risk. Finally, there’s organic labneh and cheese available.


Organic herbs including cardamom, cinnamon and fenugreek.


Organic chicken pops, sausages and nuggets. If you include these things in your diet, it’s a lot better to buy organic over the non-organic versions.


Ostrich eggs and honey in the background


Mixed fruits and peach jams at 6 SAR per jar.


Organic date syrup – this is my current sweetener of choice.


Organic olive oil. 3 litres for 105 SAR.


Organic meat


Organic sausages


organic apple cider vinegar


Various organic breads, cakes and pastries. Although not pictured, a loaf of seeded organic bread costs 9 SAR. Given that now most imported breads are bulked with GMO soy flour, I think it’s worthwhile to buy organic or make your own bread. 



21 responses to “Review: Watania Showroom, Riyadh

  1. Hey Sarah,
    Thanks a lot for sharing these informations with us. I’ll visit alwtanyah ASAP.

    Thanks again 🌹

  2. Hello,
    I enjoy reading your posts. They are informative and useful. I am new to Riyadh. I would really appreciate if you can add the Google Coordinates for the organic stores in Riyadh somewhere on your blog. It is so much easier to find directions with these coordinates.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Monaf,

      Thanks for visiting and you kind comment. I’m glad that the posts are helpful.

      I will update the stores with the google coordinates later this week. If you need anything else, let me know.



      • Nice blog thanks for the info? Have you seen avacado oil in any of these stores, currently making it from scratch and would love to avoid the hassle…
        Also, do you know where i can get castille soap from?

      • Hi Umm Saaleh,

        Thank you for visiting and for your kind comment. 😃

        I have seen avocado oil and castile soap in Lulu a couple of times. You can also try checking indian grocery or indian pharmacy stores for the Castile soap.

        Hope this helps.



  3. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks so much for your efforts! I’ve been looking for organic meat for quite a while without success and will try Watania when I return from Eid.

    Do you know where I might get bones from organic ( and, ideally, grass fed) animals?

    I have an autoimmune condition linked to a leaky gut and was hoping to make healing bone broths…

    • Hi Claire,

      Apologies for my late reply. I am not sure where you can find grass fed animal bones. Perhaps you can make a request with Watania?

      I’m sorry for not being more helpful. I will keep an eye out if I find a place that has bones.

      I hope your autoimmune condition improves.

      Best of luck,


  4. Hi, thanks for your blog. it’s so helpful! when i went to watania near the farmer’s market (back in the spring) i asked them if their meat was also organic, and the guy working there said it wasn’t, only the produce and other products. were you able to confirm that the meat is organic? i hope he was wrong!

    • Hi Cristi,

      Thanks for your comment.
      As far as I am aware, all of Watania’s own products are certified organic by Ecocert, a European organic certifying body, and this also applied to the meat. HOWEVER, I am not sure if they have had changes and their meat is no longer organic. I will check with the farm managers and update you again.


  5. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you for this post. I find it quite unpleasant that whenever I go to Watania to buy any kind of milk it is always finished.Have you got any idea why that is? I tried calling their number several times to ask about it and no one picks up so I gave up…Also, it would be nice if the people working there would know whether the cattle producing the dairy products are grass fed or not…

    We want grass fed local dairy and meat : )

    thank you,


    • Hi Ragaa,

      The milk and most things are usually finished depending on what time you go. I know Saudis love milk, and people usually buy like 3 or 4 cartons daily. Do you visit the store in Urubah Road? Here is their direct number that they always answer (unless the store is closed) – 055 279 0261. Be demanding and ask them to reserve some milk for you and that you’ll be at the store at a certain time.

      I think most workers in Saudi know very little about what they sell, so that’s a tough call.


  6. hi, may i ask if the apple cider vinegar is unfiltered and unpasteurized? tnx i need it asap..tnx hoping for your reply….

    • Hi there,

      I can’t remember if it is raw and unpasteurized. But if you’re looking for raw apple cider vinegar, you can find the Braggs Raw ACV in Danube at the Panorama Mall and also the HyperPanda on Khurais Road.

      Hope this helps.



      • Hi Sarah,

        Thank you for your information above. I was looking for the Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar but couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked before in the Danube in Panorama mall but didn’t find it. In what section is it exactly?

    • Hi Sulaman,

      Thanks for your visit and question.
      Watania’s organic label products are certified by ECO Cert and SOFA(Saudi Organic Farming Association).

      ECOCERT is an organic certification organization, founded in France in 1991. It is based in Europe but conducts inspections in over 80 countries, making it one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world.

      If you have further questions about their certification, you can contact Eco Cert or Watania directly.


  7. Salam alaikum Sarah,
    Your review for Watania Organic store made me go there…and i ended up shopping a lot of healthy n organic stuff alhamdulillah. I wanted to ask if the Apple Vinegar available at Watania store is ‘Apple Cider Vinegar’ as u captioned its picture as organic ACV….is there any difference..or…. Apple Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar r same…
    kindly help….:)

    • Hi Maaher,

      Thank you for pointing this out. I contacted Watania, and since cider is commonly associated with alcohol, they chose not to label it apple cider vinegar. From my external research, there is no difference between apple vinegar and apple cider vinegar. I will continue researching and update if this changes.


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