Yibreen Spa Riyadh


If I was a single expat lady in Riyadh, this is where I would be relaxing with a great book. source

Saturday to Thursday-10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Tel: (01) 441-1115
E- Mail: Yibreen@yibreenspa.com
Google Coordinates: 24.668561,46.682759

Let me begin by saying that Yibreem Spa is amazing! I went in to trim my hair, but ended up doing 8 more treatments excluding the hair cut.

Yibreen is co-owned by Princess Reema bint Bandar. You might know of Her Highness from her efforts to increase breast cancer awareness in the Kingdom. Located just off Takhasussi Street, Yibreen has a gym, personal training sessions, a café, an outdoor swimming pool, a retail store, a salon and spa. I guess the idea behind it was to provide an all in one service in one location for women. It seems to be super successful as the place was packed and I went on a weekday! 

When you walk into Yibreen, you’ll notice that it’s similar to a compound. There are various villas located along a middle promenade, with each house providing a separate service. The whole set up is aesthetically pleasing and very calming. The layout is perfect and will transport you away for a few hours.

The majority of employees are from Lebanon and the Philippines, in addition to a few American and English personal trainers .

Now on to the treatments. The following is a list of all the treatments that I had. I booked them over two days. As I mentioned earlier, the trim is what I initially booked as it was least risky option to test out the salon. (I did the same thing at Luthan and I didn’t like the way they handled my hair, so I had to switch hairdressers. In case you’re wondering why I left Mariyah, I found the set up too depressing to keep going back every 5 weeks, and the staff started to look too homesick.)

🔸Detoxifying Body Wrap 50 mins
🔸Shiffa Hammam Ancienne 90 mins
🔸Green Clay Balancing Facial 50 mins
🔸Indian Head Massage 30 mins
🔸Foot Reflexology 30 mins
🔸Balinese Massage 50 mins
🔸Deluxe Manicure 90 mins
🔸Deluxe Pedicure 50 mins
🔸Hair trim 30 mins

Total: 8 hours 45 minutes

For me to spend 2 days at a spa consecutively means that I loved this place! The only other place that exceeds Yibreen’s is probably the spa at the Park Hyatt in Jeddah, which is AMAZING!

My favourite treatment at Yibreen was the Shiffa Hammam Ancienne. It was so relaxing, perfect after a whole semester of crouching over books studying.

Shiffa Hammam Ancienne
Shiffa hammam is based on ancient methods, therapeutic science and the secrets of hammam. Indulge yourself in an exotic cleansing ritual that includes herbal steams, traditional soaping, clay body mask, perfumed waters, heated sand bag and hydration. Each step in the treatment has historical background and a physiological action on the body. This action, combined with the products therapeutic value, leave your mind and body feeling cleansed and relaxed, yet alert and energised.

Shiffa is a Dubai-based beauty brand, and offer one of the best pregnancy oils ever! My sister used it on her stretch marks, even though she wasn’t pregnant, and it made her stretch marks disappear. (Of course, she eats healthily and nothing processed.) It could be the massage effect but do try their pregnancy body oils for your stretch marks. If you don’t want to buy their oil but still want to get rid of stretch marks, melt equal amounts of cocoa butter, aloe butter, coconut oil, shea butter, a little avocado oil and essential orange oil into a mixture. Use it twice a day on your belly and other stretch marks. The natural mix is what one of my aunts used and she had 5 children (naturally) but zero stretch marks. Combine this with a good diet and adequate exercise, you should notice a difference in the visibility of stretch marks.

Yibreen’s offer eyebrow threading and eyebrow waxing services. My friends use the lady at Yibreen’s for their eyebrow maintenance, and their eyebrows look great all the time. I think that threading looks too painful so I can’t add my experience about this. I would suggest making a visit to Yibreen, and see how comfortable you feel with the beautician before going ahead with the eyebrow threading.

They also offer membership options, which provides you with a discount on all treatments and sessions, along with access to the Yibreen compound. Currently, membership costs 9,500 SAR per year, but there are 6 month and monthly memberships available.  Yibreen is closed for August, but keep an eye out for their special membership options when they reopen in September.

Please find below an overview of the treatment and price list at Yibreen. (The prices are more expensive than Mariyah’s)

yibreen 2 yibreen

P.S. I just found out that Ameerah, one of the best hairdresser in Riyadh, has left the salon after 11 years. I am not sure who the new hairdresser is, but I hope they are at least half as good as Ameerah!


16 responses to “Yibreen Spa Riyadh

  1. Hi sis,
    Can you please let me know from where I can buy Shea butter and essential oils in Riyadh. I am desperately looking for them but cannot find them.
    I love your blog, keep writing

    • Hi sweetie,

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂
      Shea butter can be found at Lush, but it might be mixed with cocoa butter. Occasionally lush stock it in its pure form, but it sells out super fast. I saw a few essential oils last time at Yibreens. I recommend calling them in September (when they re-open) to see if they still stock it.

      If you order online, Amazon is the best site to order these from.

      Good luck!


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  3. Ive been to this spa a few times now, I do not think I will be going back. The women who perform the treatments (mostly Filipino) are very good. They are skilled and professional and do a very good job.
    The spa is set up nicely and is very quiet/calm.
    So, whats the catch/problem? The reception staff.
    These women are arrogant, rude, unprofessional and generally poor at their jobs. They mix up appointments, dont tell you where anything is, scold you if you dont answer your phone.
    On my last visit I had taken a guest. We had 5 treatments booked. In between appointments, we went and put our feet in the jacuzzi. My guest sat in the jacuzzi, i put my feet in, for 20 mins. In this 20 mins, a woman (Alaa in Fitness) came over to us and made a big scene about how we have to pay to use the pool because we arent members…in front of other customers.
    I thought that was riduculous and unprofessional. Not only did I not know we couldnt use the jacuzzi or the pool, but why did she not just add it to our bill and mention it to me in private? Was the scene necessary? In front of other customers and my guest?? Would that happen in any other high-end spa? Not ever.
    Oh yea for the commenter that asked if you can just use the pool lol.They charged us 1000 SAR to use that jacuzzi for 20mins (possibly less).

  4. I have to agree with the above post! Yibreen has rude staff now. They cancelled my appointment just because a princess showed up without an appointment. Did they call me to cancel? no! found out when i arrived at the sps. Seriously, why bother opening to the public if the treatments only exist for royals!

    As for any future foreign workers trying to get a job at Yibreen’s, read this blog before you accept! Seems like there’s a top down approach to BS and rudeness. http://tanyariyadh2013.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. Yibreen has a very rude lady employed as manager.
    She shouts at customers.
    I had been there to return a product I purchased and there she was asking me to leave the premises or she would call the security guard.
    She was asking me to GET OUT pointing at the door.
    I had purchased a loreal color vibrancy shampoo and conditioner for SR 620 and since I was not getting my hair colored by them as my doctor advised me not to.
    I had previously had an allergic reaction to dye and was giving medication for the same .
    So I cancelled my hair coloring and went to return the shampoo and conditioner.
    I had payed by my debit card and she said since it’s credit she can only give a voucher which I have to use within the same month.
    The money could be easily reverted to my acc as I did not use a credit card.
    As I said this she started yelling and shouting at me in front of all present.

  6. I had been there yesterday for a hair cut and was scheduled for hair color treatment
    But I had to cancel it today after visiting my doctor.
    I have sensitive skin and was allergic to dye previously
    So the doctor advised me not to color my hair .
    Very rude and arrogant lady manager.
    She yelled at me and asked me to get out of Yibreen.
    If u wish to get insulted by paying money for the insult is the only reason you will ever have to visit Yibreen Spa.

  7. ive been there many times..its a wonderful place the gym is soo nice..I love the pool ..resepsionsts at the gym was very polit ..for me everything was complet spending a day at yibreens pool was the best experience ive had in riyadh gyms.

  8. I agree the pool is great
    But the people working there are arrogant.
    Asking customers to get out just for returning a sold product , how worse can it get?
    The manager working for Yibreen is a rude old lady.
    Watch out people !

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  10. How can i buy essential oils online. I try buying from amazon and it shows that i cant order at my location (saudi arabia,Jeddah).Please tell me how can i buy them online.

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