Organic Food Center Riyadh


Organic Food Center Riyadh

Al Urubah Road


24.718172,46.685232 (around here)

Organic Food Centre is the third of the organic food stores on Urubah Road. It might be the smallest, but there’s still a wide variety of organic foods to choose from. 

Again, there are no fresh foods available here. Chia seeds are currently out of stock too, but will be back in stock in September.

Please note, the google coordinates are not the exact location. Google Maps in KSA doesn’t have street view so I can’t plot the exact locations until I go back to the store. The store is located on the same side as Watania and Tokyo restaurant. It’s definitely before Tokyo restaurant and after Nutrition Corner.


Organic gluten free products from Orgran, gluten free pastas, flours and vegetable broths.


Almond puddings from NaturGreen, a Spanish health food company. (I don’t know how tasty they are as we make our own desserts)


Macrobiotic goodies: Nori, hijiki, arame, kombu, umeboshi paste, lotus root, shoyu, tamari, miso (barley and hatcho), shitake mushrooms, tofu. Other goods here include ketchup, mayonnaise, canned tuna, raw manuka honey, nut butters and jams.


Buckwheat, barley, oats, sea salt, legumes and brown rice.


Sushi rice, agave syrup, maple syrup, pastas, millet and soup mixes.


Clearspring Organic teas – bancha, oolong, green tea, jasmine and matcha tea.

To make your own matcha powder for Chinese/Korean/Japanese desserts, just take a matcha tea bag and grind the tea into a powder using a coffee grinder. This is better than using ready made matcha powder, which oxidises really quickly once opened. To increase the shelf life of your matcha powder, you can also store the unused powder in the freezer.


Orgran Rice O’s and Cocao O’s.

These cereals are ALOT better than buying GMO Lucky Charms etc.


Children’s snacks from Orgran, which are all gluten free.


Quinoa cereal, biscuits and lollipops.


Powdered soy milk, powdered almond milk, coffee and more biscuits. On the left there are various oils – sesame, sunflower and olive oil, along with apple cider vinegar and balsamic vinegars.

This is the cheapest place to buy virgin coconut oil in Riyadh, at 49 SAR for 500ml. The oil is a private label from Natureland , a Lebanese health food company.


Soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, sesame milk, hazelnut milk and quinoa milk.


Acai juice, thyme oil, sage oil, rose water and olive leaf oil. The oils and rose water are amazing for natural beauty treatments. They’re made by a Turkish company called Aksu Vital, which specialises in health foods.


Natural hair dyes and soaps.


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