Advice for a Successful Marriage


A little of 2013 in one sketch…

I cannot believe that we are in the final month of 2013. The year just flew by. I keep asking my husband how the year went by so quickly, as it feels like we got married yesterday. Anyway, today’s post is related to marriage and what I consider to be the most important advice for a successful marriage.

To begin with, I want to talk about the above sketch. The sketch is a rough idea of a painting that we commissioned for our anniversary. During the Renaissance, marriage portraits were used to showcase a couples wealth and status. We modified this idea and decided on a painting that showcases our favourite pastimes. Don’t worry – the finished product is a million times better than the above sketch, which we roughly put together in 30 minutes while on a plane. Unfortunately, (as you can probably tell) we can’t draw to save our lives lol.

My favorite thing in the painting is the giant tortoise. A giant tortoise can live for 200 years and we can’t wait to introduce it to the 4th generation of family.

Anyway, here are the rules for a successful marriage. These were given to me by several couples who’ve celebrated their diamond wedding anniversaries. I hope everyone who chooses to get married gets to experience a happy and successful marriage.

1)   Don’t go to sleep unless you’re both happy and grateful –  Always express your issues or concerns to your partner before you go to sleep. This simple action can result in you sleeping soundly, restfully and start each day anew. Also, if you have trouble remembering what you’re grateful for, make a list and leave it by your bedside table.

2)   Acknowledge and find solutions to problems – Screaming “I told you so!” does nothing to solve problems. If there’s a problem, confront it and then find a solution.

3)   Help each other with tedious tasks – There will be times when you or your partner will have a tedious task to do, such as ironing or doing the dishes. Make a game out of it – put some music on and help your partner. Even better, introduce a “clean up after yourself” rule and divide up leftover chores evenly. Print a chore list and place it somewhere you both can see.

4)   Play games – Bring out the inner child in you! Adults today have the best standard of living, but are the unhappiest.

5)   Dress up for each other – After marriage and kids, we can sometime forget our partner. Even if you have nowhere to go, dress up and eat dinner together. This can instantly lift both your moods!

6)   Go on dates – Remember the initial excitement that you had when you first got to know each other? Recreate that!

7)   Work as a team – When you get married, you become a team. Think of how your actions impact each other and not just yourself.

8)   Laugh everyday – tell a funny joke, sing, do something that makes your partner laugh. Laughter is instant therapy!



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