Organic Products at Danube


Here is a post on some of the organic products available at Danube in Riyadh. I went to the Danube at Hayat Mall and the one at Panorama Mall. Both branches carry a similar range of organic goods. The only difference I noticed was that Danube at Panorama Mall had a wider range of fresh produce, both organic and non-organic.

Some of the noteworthy products that I should draw your attention to are the following –

  • Seasonal local produce – There’s organic broccoli available right now at Danube and Tamimi. It’s so sweet, so fresh and locally grown. Organic cauliflower is also available at Tamimi, Danube and Watania. And if your looking for organic cabbage, don’t forget to check out Watania. I’ve brought so much cabbage and made enough sauerkraut to last the year!
  • Biofair quinoa, both tricolore and red quinoa, is available at Danube and retails for 53 SAR. This is both organic and fair trade. Fair trade means that farmers should get a better price their produce.
  • Big Oz – a British brand that makes a wide range of grain products. There’s brown rice flakes, quinoa flakes and even millet flakes. Their products are gluten free and organic.
  • Ezekial 4:9 Bread -I’ve noticed that there are many people who are Paleo/body building, both Saudis and Expats, emailing me about whether this product is available in Riyadh. Here you go guys! Ezekial Bread is a sprouted grain bread, which is free from GMOs, flours and refined sugars.

One more thing I want to add is that the range of organic products has increased tremendously since I moved to Saudi Arabia in 2011. The price of the imported goods are still about 10-30% more expensive than if you were to buy these goods in their home countries, but I’m so happy that these products are available in Riyadh. Where possible, (and if you have the budget) let’s continue buying organic!



Just for price comparison, here’s non-organic broccoli from America.



Organic breakfast cereals and Ezekiel bread


Lots of non-dairy milk that are carrageenan free.


Organic oils and noodles/spaghetti




Organic sencha, kukicha, baked goods mixes and canned fish


Non dairy milks from Bjorg, Lima foods and Rude Health


Quinoa flakes and Markel beans at the bottom – the mung beans are my favourite!


Waitrose own label products


Just for show, I have no idea what this tastes like, but I guess many people eat this.


Self service checkouts – Yes, husband and I were shocked to see it! I love self service checkouts in the London, as checkout staff are very unfriendly. I don’t think we will use them in Riyadh though, as we enjoy conversing with our cashiers if we’re going to buy groceries.


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