New Organic Products at Tamimi/Lulu – April 2014


Here are some of the new organic products that have arrived Lulu and Tamimi. The Tamimi branch that I went to is the one on King Fahd Road. However, most of the larger branches should have a similar stock range.

After some price comparison on some of the products, I noticed that the difference between ordering online and buying in store is now very small. For example, chia seeds and quinoa are now cheaper or the same price as in USA/Europe.

On another note, as Arabia starts to sizzle, our thoughts turn to our summer travels. Will you be going anywhere interesting this year? If you come across an organic food/product that Riyadh (and Saudi Arabia) would benefit from, please do let me know. Some of the major supermarkets in Riyadh have asked me to compile a list of the brands that I think they should consider stocking for the “expat return season” in the autumn. The only requirement is the brand/product must be certified organic, not be too specialized and shelf stable.
You can email or leave a comment of recommendations until Aug 8th, 2014.

Below is a list and some pictures of the products available. Please note, not all product images are shown, as I just didn’t have the time to take images of all individual products.

Lulu and Tamimi – Fresh Wheat Grass/Barley Grass (Local company, free from pesticides/herbicides and chemicals)


  • Whole Earth Organic Peanut Butter
  • Wild Organic dried beans (chickpea/pinto/black beans)
  • Organic Quinoa Flour
  • Organic Buckwheat Flour
  • Organic Kamut Flour
  • Organic Dark Rye flour
  • Organic Coconut Flour
  • Organic Spelt Flour
  • Organic Whole Wheat Flour
  • Organic Kamut Hot Cereal
  • Organic Corn Flour
  • Organic Quinoa
  • Organic Brown Rice
  • Chia seeds
  • Hazelnut Flour/meal
  • Fava Bean flour
  • Textured vegetable protein
  • Amaranth
  • Teff
  • Farro
  • Millet
  • Spelt
  • Graham Flour
  • Tapioca Flour
  • Black Bean Flour
  • Corn Flour
  • Semolina Flour
  • Brown Rice Flour
  • White Bean Flour
  • Potato Starch
  • Light Rye Flour
  • Arrowroot flour
  • Rye bread mix


  • Clearspring rice/corn cakes
  • Organic Raw Honey from Big Island, Hawaii
  • Alara Granolas
  • Jordan’s Organic Porridges/Cereals
  • Glutino Gluten Free cereal
  • Doves Farm gluten free corn flakes
  • Meredian organic tomato and herb pasta sauce
  • Kallo Organic Stock Cubes
  • Bionda Organic Polenta
  • Whole Earth Organic Flakes
  • Nature’s Path Organic Corn Flakes
  • Nature’s Path Organic Amazon Flakes
  • Clearspring Organic Sushi Rice
  • Clearspring Organic soba/udon noodles
  • Clearspring Organic Sweet White Miso/Hatcho Miso/Brown Rice Miso
  • Woodstock Organic Cashews/Pistachios/Sunflower seeds
  • Glebe Farm Gluten Free bread/cake/cookie mixes
  • Manic Organic Juices
  • NaSoya Vegan Mayonnaise
  • LiteHouse Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
  • LiteHouse Organic Caesar Salad Dressing
  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Woodstock Frozen Chopped Kale – (in stores from May 2)



Lulu and Tamimi – Fresh Wheat Grass
































Lulu – Organic Raw Honey


Lulu – Rice Bran Oil – Notable for its high smoke point which ranges between 415 to 490 degrees F depending on the testing method. Its mild flavor makes it suitable for high-temperature cooking methods such as stir frying and deep frying. It is popular as a cooking oil in several Asian countries, including Japan, India and China.


8 responses to “New Organic Products at Tamimi/Lulu – April 2014

  1. Sarah,
    I am from Taif and I have been looking for organic foods, but I I do not know where to find it in Jeddah then I was so happy to find your site. Hopefully you could help me locate Tamimi and Lulu so I could buy all organic foods that would help my diet because at present I am diabetic with hypertension with healthy source of food I would be able to plan my food with organic foods available in the Kingdom. I appreciate if you can answer me soon. The location of the place will be very helpful..Thank you in advance and God Bless…

    • Hi Abdullah,

      I’m not sure if Tamimi have a branch in Jeddah. Lulu does not have stores in Jeddah yet.
      If you’re looking for organic food in Jeddah, try Danube or Abazeer.
      I’m sorry to hear of your chronic health problems. It will help if you incorporate butternut squash, sweet potatoes and onions in to your diet as these vegetables are helpful for stabilizing blood sugar levels. Try to include fermented food as well, since medication can cause an imbalance in your digestive bacteria.

      Good Luck! Inshallah your health problems go away.

  2. Have you ever seen gluten-free oats at any of these stores? My family and I are moving from America to Riyadh next month, and my husband, who has a gluten sensitivity, basically lives off the granola I make for him from these oats. Also, do you know if there’s good quality stevia and/or xylitol there? Thanks!

    • Hi Nabia,

      When the certified gluten free oats are in stock, it’s from Bob’s Red Mill. The granola sounds like a staple food for your husband. I would recommend bringing the oats with you. Perhaps you can buy a 50-100kg bag and ship it as sea cargo. It takes about 6 weeks to arrive, so if you do it now, it will be here when you arrive. I’ve seen stevia everywhere here from many American brands. Unfortunately, since I don’t use stevia, I can’t be sure of the quality. Is there a brand you use? Xylitol can be found at the GNC.

      Hope this helps! Good luck with your move!


      • Thanks for your reply. I was asking about the stevia because a lot of stevia has other additives like dextrose and what not. And about the oats, how often are they in stock?

        Just so you know, I am going to be asking a million more questions since I want to be prepared before I come to Riyadh 🙂 I hope you don’t mind. Thanks in advance!

      • No problem! Ask away! The certified gluten free oats are delivered once every two months. If you require them a lot, you can speak to a local distributer and he can order them for you in larger quantities directly.

  3. When I was in Jeddah, I noticed that they didn’t have Tamimi or Lulu. Is Lulu an individual store or does it have many branches like Tamimi?

    • Hi Nabia, sorry for the late reply. Lulu only has the license to operate in the eastern and central regions atm, which is why you won’t see it anywhere else.

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