Farmed Salmon vs Wild Salmon


Wild Salmon at the top and farmed salmon at the bottom. Notice that the farmed salmon has more fat than the wild salmon. (I urge you to read the source article by clicking on the picture)

The inspiration behind this post was a dinner conversation around GMO’s and fish. Normally I don’t go out to dinner parties as I am super shy, and have nothing to talk about that will be of interest. However, this dinner was one of the most memorable dinners of 2013. I spoke so much I had a sore throat at the end of the night! Come to think of it,  perhaps it was me lecturing and everyone listening! We conversed about GMO’s, antibiotics and the general quality and innovations in the aquaculture industry.

We spent a great deal of time on organic versus wild versus farmed salmon. based on all the evidence we had, everyone concluded that wild salmon would be the better choice out of the three,. Unfortunately, fresh wild salmon in Riyadh is out of the question. The second best option, organic fish, can occasionally be found at Danube in the organic products section. Of course, it’s canned organic salmon.

The infographic below compares wild versus farmed salmon. As expected, wild salmon trumps farmed salmon.

Do you eat salmon? What other fish do you enjoy regularly?

When eating fish, my top tip would be to serve some grated radish/turnip with the fish. The radish helps digest some of the animal protein. Barley is also great for digesting animal protein, so have that barley tea on stand by.





3 responses to “Farmed Salmon vs Wild Salmon

  1. Salaam Sarah!

    I hope you’re doing well. I absolutely love salmon. I was wondering where one can find wild salmon (wild fish in general) in Riyadh?

    By the way, excellent blog! MashaAllaah. I always find I benefit from your articles and the information you provide. 🙂

    • Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh Sara,

      i haven’t seen fresh wild salmon anymore. Wild fish in general can be found at the Fish Market in Murrabah, Souq Sammak. The fish are usually caught in the night and then sold during the day. It’s quiet a “fishy” experience and there’s a lot of local fish.

      Hope this helps.


  2. JazakiAllaah khair wa BaarakAllaah feeki, Sarah! I sincerely appreciate your response and the information about where to find the wild fish.

    – Sara

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