Janadiriyah 2014



I know that this post is super back dated but I still wanted to post it. Janadiriyah is the cultural festival that occurs every February. This year we (yes, you read right, I went too) went to Janadriyah. It was so much fun, especially getting to Janadriyah! All I can remember now is the paragliders and helicopters above, and the pain from all the walking. On our way back, we also got a little lost, and that was frightening! The road just disappeared and there were NO street lights! It was pitch black and we lost our phone signals! Eventually we found the road again and made it home! What an adventure though!!

Here are a few selected pictures from that night. As you may already know, I don’t like taking pictures so these were taken by the driver. I hope you’re not too disappointed, but there are so many pictures already available so I kept the two things that interested me – food and architecture.





In the images above, you will see the ingenious use of a camel as a food processor. The camel is attached to a thick wooden stick. Sesame seeds went inside  and the camel circled around, extracting the sesame oil. If you would like to try organic sesame oil derived from this process, you can call Rajih on 055 019 4608.




Janadiriyiah was the first time I tried Zaa’tar! Although people offer me zaa’tar regularly, I tend to decline it. However, at the festival I felt it would be too impolite to decline, and I ended up trying zaa’tar in the flatbread. I went through a phase of adding zaa’tar to everything for a few months. Since I’ve moved back, Zaa’tar doesn’t have the same appeal in Europe anymore.  I think it’s only something I can enjoy in the Arab world.












In the UAE pavillion, we encountered this basket of dried fish. It was a way of preserving food during the hot months when little fresh food was available.














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