Desert Seas


What my friends do to me when they’re sick lol

For the first time in over ten years, I have a fever. It’s unreal to lay in bed alternating between a fever and shivering, with my body all achy and feel so weak. I thought I was well enough to go out, but I fainted en route to my destination. Have you fainted? Losing 5-10 seconds of your life just like that is scary! I’ve only fainted twice prior to that- once when I had a cooking class and the second after I had my IUD put in. My husband is so over dramatic, and fainting just confirmed to him I need a person with me at all times. So guess what? In a few hours, the Riyadh circus is arriving to be at my beck and call for the next few weeks. Ahh it’s going to an interesting few weeks walking around with this entourage. Wait, perhaps I should say losing them as that’s what I will be doing lol.

In the meantime, while I recover, I’m watching all my favourite documentaries. I love the sea! My ultimate wish list has a submarine, and a very specific one at that.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to buy it for a long time! However, my dearest close friends, if two or three of you buy one less horse/camel/plane, we can buy a submarine!! Just think of the fun we can have exploring the seas!

PS Everyone in Riyadh can relate to the goby fish dealing with the sand!


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