Lulu Hypermarket Khurais Road | لولو هايبرماركت طريق خريص

IMG_0974Lulu Hypermarket

Exit 30, 3320 Khurais Road

24.753218, 46.821165

Tel: 011 453 0011

Opening Hours: Saturday – Thursday: 8am – 11.30pm | Friday: 8am – 10am/1pm – 12am

Those who live in the east of Riyadh, rejoice! Lulu have opened their third Riyadh branch on Khurais Road. If heading from the west, once you reach exit 30, continue heading straight and Lulu is on the left side of the road.

Their new hypermarket has a similar layout to Riyadh Avenue Mall. The 240,000 sq. ft. hypermarket showcases a fresh food section consisting of fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish and hot and cold ready-to-eat food. It also has a huge area dedicated to department store items such as electronics, IT products, home appliances, sports, stationery, furnishings & furniture and fashion brands for ladies, gents and kids, and 40 cash counters to ensure hassle-free shopping experience for shoppers.

The hypermarket also houses Sparkys – the Family Entertainment, Darbar Restaurant – Authentic Indian Fine Dining, Coffee Shops, Accessories, Arabic, Oud, Perfumes, Watches, Mobiles, Gifts & Accessories, ATM’s, Money Exchange and Pharmacy.

I noticed there were some subtle differences that led to a more pleasant shopping experience – subdued lighting, better flooring and improved store layout. You can see some of my top picks below. That being said, I still prefer Riyadh Avenue Mall because of their wider range of organic items.

(Click on the images to enlarge and click again to zoom.)

IMG_0970Nirmal VCO | Probably the cheapest you will pay for virgin coconut oil in Riyadh!

IMG_0972Suma Organic Pasta

IMG_0975Assorted Heath & Heather Tea

IMG_0977Organic Oats

IMG_0978Egg Whites

IMG_0979Goat’s Milk | Soy Milk | Almond Milk

IMG_0980Rachel’s Organic Yoghurt

IMG_0981Organic Bulgur

IMG_0982Kallo Breadsticks

IMG_0984House Foods Tofu (Not organic)

IMG_0985House Foods Shirataki Noodles – Low Carb Alternative to Pasta

IMG_0987Zu Kay Probiotic Raw Salad Dressing

IMG_0988Lite House Organic Balsamic and Ceasar Salad Dressing

IMG_0989Gluten Free and Sugar Free Selection

IMG_0990Assorted Gluten Free Foods

IMG_0991Organic Green and Red Curry Paste

IMG_0992Organic Salad Dressings

IMG_0993Assorted Organic Products

IMG_5807Quinoa Milk | Almond Milk | Soy Milk | Biofair Organic Red, White and Black Quinoa

IMG_0995Whole Earth Peanut Butter

IMG_0997Fruit and Juice Bar

IMG_0998Ready Made Fruit Cups

IMG_1005Kale and other greens

IMG_1006Lamb’s Lettuce from Italy

IMG_1007The Organic and Berry Section | Organic fennel, carrots, aubergine, lime, tomato, parsley, cilantro and purslane are all available. Organic broccoli and cucumber will be available from today.

IMG_1011Blueberry | Blackberry | Raspberry | Cranberry | Strawberry | Fresh Coconuts | Avocado

IMG_1012Imported Organic Parsley

IMG_1004Omani Broccoli | We get overly excited about fresh broccoli when it’s from Saudi Arabia or Oman!

Congratulations to Lulu for opening their fourth hypermarket in Saudi Arabia.

Have you visited Lulu on Khurais Road yet? How do you think they could improve?

Thank you for reading!


5 responses to “Lulu Hypermarket Khurais Road | لولو هايبرماركت طريق خريص

  1. I love the way you love LuLu. My family, my aunts and I are constantly visiting our local LuLu. It is nearby and I just like checking our different types of coffee and tea. ❤

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