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Riyadh, KSA.

I blog about Riyadh, including health, farming, vegan food, and green living.

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Thank you all for visiting my humble blog. I hope it is of some use if you’re thinking of moving to KSA and want to find out about the organic food supply here. Occasionally I might post about other things relating to Saudi Arabia.

I’m a terrible photographer, I don’t update unless there’s something new to say or show, and I am probably one of the most technologically challenged individual you will meet.

I apolgize profusely if my blog isn’t aesthetically pleasing or well kept as the other blogs that one usually reads. (Please forgive me for not spending much time on gaining hits. In addition, nothing frightens me more than becoming an online celebrity!)

I hope you all have a good day!

Thanks for reading!


30 responses to “My Story

  1. Hi there Sarah! First i want to say what a wonderful and ENLIGHTENING blog you have created 🙂
    Thank you for posting all this information for us.
    I found you by googling organic farm in Riyadh, I’m trying to locate the farm in Diriyah. Do you have any idea where it is and how to reach it?
    Any other organic farms where people can visit?
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hello Layla,

      Thank you so much for visiting the blog and your kind compliment. It really made my day!

      There are three organic farms in Diriyah that I know of, but two are owned by private individuals and do not allow public visits. The other one is owned by a minister, and he does allow visits, but only between October and January. I’m not sure if he will do the open days this year, but if he does, I’ll email you the details closer to the time in October.

      Dr Shahwan’s organic plantation allows visits. I haven’t been yet, but If I recall correctly, I think it is in Southern Riyadh, about 1.5 hours away from Kingdom Tower. Here’s the link for more info and the contact number.

      Most organic farms in Saudi Arabia are not open to the general public. It is not because they are working in secret, but because over treading of soil leads to soil compacting and creates problems with watering. The other issue is of the dangerous machinery, and should an accident occur, the farmer will have no livelihood.

      However, saying that, there are several farms outside of Riyadh province that will still gladly welcome you. The most well known is the Watania farm in Northern Saudi Arabia. Again, visits are welcome between October and February. Inshallah I will find more info about visiting this place this week.

      The time restraint exists because after February, the farms start harvesting and so it is a very busy period for most of them, with extra workers everywhere and lots of machinery.

      Anyway, I shall keep you informed of the next open days of the farms in Riyadh. 🙂 If you have any questions, let me know.

      All the best,

  2. Thanks for the reply, very informative!
    I was wondering about the farm that the ACR is planning a trip to, maybe you have seen their flyer? It just says Diriyah organic farm..
    Then there’s something called Ennessi farm, have you heard of that one?

    I will check the post on the dr shahwan farm, thanks!

    • Hi Layla,

      Forgive me for the late response. I had to google what ACR was there for a second. The Diriyah organic farm owner only allows visits through ACR for now. The best option would be to call ACR to ask for the location.

      Otherwise, if you had the opportunity to attend the ACR trip, I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

  3. I wish to visit some farms where integrated farming practices are observed.Specially aquaponics or aqua culture is practiced .Can you direct me to some farms in dammam or even riyadh

    • Hi Manoj,

      Aquaponics/aqua culture is mainly in the Western Side of Saudi Arabia, especially in Jeddah. however as some of these farms are privately owned, you’d need a very good reason for why you’re vising.

      Apologies that I can’t be more helpful here.

  4. This site really helped me a lot on where to get organic greens and fruits. I also just got here in Riyadh last month and really had a hard time finding a one stop place for all organic items. I’m really a fan of raw juicing but im having a hard time of finding a good juicer, can you please help me choose the best juicer machine available in Riyadh and where can I buy one? Thanks again!

    • Hi Dessa,

      Great to hear that I helped. With regards to juicers, initially we started off with a Phillips juicer from Saco next to the China Mart. It’s now 2 years old and still works brilliantly. I can’t recall the price exactly but I don’t think it was more than 80GBP. One of my friends brought an Omega juicer from Saco about 6 months ago, so Saco do occasionally stock renowned brands. At the moment, we’re using a Norwalk juicer that we ordered from amazon.

      If you’re looking for something durable and have a smaller budget, head to Saco. If you’re looking for an excellent juicer and have a more flexible budget, then I would recommend ordering online.

      Hope this helps,

  5. Hi just found around your wonderful blog it is so useful thank you for this I never knew about the organic stores in riyadh I usually buy things from abroad or order online , I saw the details of your instagram account and I tried adding you the get more benefits 😉 but u did not accept sorry if I bothered you but I thought it’s ok since the link is on your blog .

    • Hi there,

      It’s absolutely ok to add me on Instagram! You haven’t bothered me at all. Apologies for not accepting sooner, I’ve been terribly busy of late.

      I hope I can help you out. We used to import but the shipping costs became too expensive. Now we just buy locally, and stock up when we go abroad.


  6. Hi Sarah, we are Soyfresh soymilk company from Malaysia and we are currently market leader of soymilk category in use, Oman and Qatar. We wonder do soymilk got market in Saudi?

  7. Hi Sarah, great blog, keep up the good work! I wanted to ask you a few questions about organics here in Saudi. If you wouldn’t mind could you drop me a line via my email address. Thanks!

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