Moving to Saudi Arabia FAQ


I decided to put this new page in to help any new people thinking of moving to Saudi Arabia. If you have a question you would like me to answer, please contact me and I will answer your question.

Other FAQs

Where can I buy gluten free products in Riyadh?
Most major supermarkets sell gluten free foods. For a more larger selection, visit Biobest and Lulu.
Here’s more info.

Where can I buy flaxseeds in Riyadh or Jeddah?
In Riyadh, Flaxseeds can be found in Lulu and Tamimi. Lulu and Biobest also have organic flaxseeds.
For Jeddah, Danube and Abazeer sells flaxseeds.

Where to buy wheat grass in Riyadh and Jeddah?
In Riyadh, Biobest has wheatgrass. For Jeddah, Abazeer sells wheatgrass.

Where to buy nut butters?
Most major supermarkets in Saudi Arabia sell peanut butters.
In Riyadh, for organic Almond/Cashew/Walnut butter, Biobest is the best place.
Danube at the Panorama mall also have a gourmet food section that has organic and non-organic nut butters.

Where are the souks in Jeddah?
I’m not sure, perhaps in the old town area.

Where can I buy tofu and tempeh?
Jeddah: Danube has tofu and I’m not sure where you can buy tempeh.
Riyadh: Lulu sells tempeh and tofu, and both organic and non-organic tempeh and tofu.

What do Saudi women do during the day?
Similair things that other women do during the day – cook, clean, host parties, shop, go to restaurants etc

How do I get to the desert?
Get into your SUV, and then drive out of the city. 🙂

Where can I buy almond milk in Riyadh?
Lulu, Danube and Tamimi all sell imported non-dairy milk. This includes oat, rice, quinoa, sesame, almond and even peanut milk.

Where can a guy get a haircut in Riyadh?
Perfect question as I’ve just passed several barbers on Musa bin Nusair street, right after Biobest, on the section closest to Abdullah ibn Sulaiman Street.

Where can I buy sports clothes in Riyadh?
The Faisaliyah mall has a Nike store if I remember correctly.

Where can I find a ladies tailor?
There is a ladies tailor just after Biobest on Musa bin Nusair street.

Can I buy Soy milk in Riyadh?
Yes you can, and it is found in Lulu.

Where can I buy Eco friendly cleaning products?
Both Lulu and Tamimi stock a wide range of eco-friendly cleaning products.
Here is a link for more info.

Can I buy fresh galangal in Riyadh?
Yes, fresh galangal can be found in Danube and Lulu in February and March.


Are there bulk buy baking stores in Riyadh? Where would you recommend to go to stock up on baking supplies, like mixes, sugars and syrups?
Next to Mama Noura Juice Bar, there’s a store where you can find all the baking supplies. Things like 50kg of sugar, baking mixes in 50kg bags and silicon moulds are all available here. They also stock a wide range of syrups and cooking chocolate. I forgot the name right now, but I”ll send my driver there to get the name later.




Where can I do eyebrow threading in Riyadh?
My friends usually visit the threading lady at Yibreen.
Since my friends have perfect eyebrows, I recommend you give her a visit once to see if you feel comfortable enough to do your eyebrow threading session with her.

How do I renew the exit-re entry visa online? If I renew it online, can I travel with the visa?
Here’s the post on how to renew the visa online. Yes, you can travel with the exit re entry as normal.

I suffer from asthma and I’m scared that moving to Riyadh will make it worse. Do you think my asthma will be worse if I move there?
There are some people who feel their asthma gets better and there are others who feel their asthma becomes worse. If you are moving to Riyadh, perhaps invest in a good air purifier to lessen pollution around you. Here are the details on the air purifier that I use. Another piece of advice, which is probably very controversial, is to reduce your dairy intake. Most people who suffer from asthma notice that upon reducing or giving up dairy, their asthma goes away.

Can you recommend a good vet in Riyadh?
I don’t have pets but here’s a place that my friends recommend.
It’s called The Riyadh Veterinary Clinic and it’s located at PO Box 249, Izdahar Street Exit 9, Riyadh, Riyadh, 11391. It’s next door to the McDonald’s on Takhasussi Street.
Tel. +96614568736

Can I buy dairy free whipping cream in Riyadh?
Yes, Lulu stocks soy whipping cream.


Where can I find essential oils in Riyadh?
Panorama Mall and Hayat Mall both have stores that sell essential oils in Riyadh.

Where can I find Ezekiel bread in Riyadh?
Danube sells Ezekiel bread.

Is the corn in Saudi GMO corn?
While Saudi has a ban on growing crops, without checking with the source, I can’t be sure if it is GMO or not. I would suggest buying frozen organic corn instead.

Where can I buy a Vitamix in Riyadh?
Al Mohtaseb stock Vitamix products for businesses. Otherwise Amazon is your best bet.

What emergency contraceptive/morning after pill is available in KSA?

Microlut and Postinor 2 are readily available. YOu can also get the mergency IUD but you would need to go to a Gynocoligist for that.

Are tampons available in KSA?

Yes, only in the larger supermarket chains – Danube, Carrefour and Tamimi. It is wise to bring your own supply.


24 responses to “Moving to Saudi Arabia FAQ

  1. can i find atkins products in jeddah. if i go to abazeer, what’s the name of flax seeds in arabic and can they mill them for me there?

    • Hi Mony,

      I don’t know if Atkins products can be found in stores in Jeddah.
      I am not sure of the arabic word for flaxseeds, but the people at Abazeer speak english and products have english labels, so it is easy to find them.

      It is better to mill flaxseeds yourself. You just need to put the seeds in a coffee grinder, and it will be milled very easily. However, please store the milled flaxseeds in an air tight, dark container, and in the fridge, because flaxseed oils can become rancid very easily.



  2. u know where I can get baking supplies in Jeddah?like cake flour and herbs ,cinimon powder ,brown sugar etc….

  3. Hi
    I really love this post!
    Thanks for all the information.
    Do you know where to get raw milk (camel/goat/cow)

    • Hi Iman,

      Thanks for your comment. Please contact Abazeer or Watania directly about this. As I’m aware, there’s been a crackdown on raw milk suppliers so I think it would be difficult to buy this now. Goats are pretty easy to raise so if you have the space, try and see if it is something you would be interested in.

      Apologies for not being more helpful at this time.

  4. Hi, where can I find einkorn or emmer flour in Riyadh? Thank you for all the information you are providing here. It has been really comforting to know where I can find dairy free and organic product…

    • Hi Gonca,

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment. These are very specialized products and I have not seen one store that has sold these in the two years I have been here. I think you will have to import these in.


    • Hi Manal,

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment.
      I don’t know Khobar very well unfortunately. I think if you have a Danube or Boots, you can check there.
      Apologies for not being more helpful.


  5. Hi. Thanks for the FAQs… I would like to know where to find natural proteins in Jeddah like Tofu, Tempeh,

    • Hi Zainab,

      I forgot the name of the store but you can’t miss it.
      24.691765, 46.701752 are the map coordinates. It’s next to King Fahd Medical City.

      Let me know if you need any more info.


  6. Hello,
    Not in Riyhad yet but soon. I eat gluten and dairy free. I also use organic foods and products. Is there a store there that can accommodate my diet? I heard bio best closed. Is there a store called Lulu in Riyhad that sells these items?

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Yes, Lulu and the gluten free stores on Urubah Road can accommodate your diet. Before you leave, I would still suggest bringing the essentials with you just in case they don’t have something you are looking for.

      Best wishes,

  7. Dear Sarah, first of all- your blog is much much appreciated, I just moved to Saudi and knowing where can I get my favourite organic & vegan stuff realy helps me a lot. I know you mentioned there was a lady tailor, but that one lives very far from Riyadh. I work for a large company and my supervisor would be very grateful if there was a lady tailor a bit closer to the city, since she needs to make sure our uniforms are fitting us and there is noone that can help her with this so far. Do you happen to have any ideas/contacts regarding this? and thank you, thank you very much once again 🙂 Michelle

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for your comment. I apologize for getting back to you so late. For my everyday tailoring needs I go to a center that’s next door to the Saco On Thakhassusi Street. It’s called Ladies Studio or something very similar. The tailor is very friendly and knows her trade well.

      Best wishes,

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