Seasonal Produce for April in Saudi Arabia


For what fruits are in season, see below.

Although not exhaustive, the lists below should give you some idea of what things are in season in Saudi Arabia for the month of April. By “in season,” I mean the produce is fresh off the plants when you buy them, that taste the best when you eat them and are produced locally.

KSA Seasonal Vegetable list for April
1) Green Peas
2) Cauliflower
3) Red Radish
4) Aubergine
5) Grape leaves
6) Green beans
7) Fava beans
8) Globe Artichoke
9) Cabbage
10) Green Asparagus
11) White Asparagus
12) Zucchini
13) New Potatoes


KSA Seasonal Fruit List for April
1) Apple
2) Oranges
3) Kiwi
4) Fresh Almonds
5) Figs
6) Dates
7) Yemeni Mango
8) Grapefruit
9) Strawberry


2 responses to “Seasonal Produce for April in Saudi Arabia

    • Hi Shareef,

      You can pretty much plant anything right now. The cool weather means most things will grow very well. It is only when we get to the end of April that the heat will become stronger.

      Depending on whether you eat these vegetables, the following grow well now – kale, turnip, cabbage, tomatoes, zuchinni, aubergine, pumpkin, bok choy, arugula, peppers and corn.

      If you want to plant something else, such as fruit, it would be more difficult without doing extensive work on your soil.

      Good luck!

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