Organic Food Saudi Arabia


Please find below a list of all the entries regarding organic food in Saudi Arabia.
Approved Organic Food outlets in Saudi Arabia
Abazeer Organic Health Food Store in Jeddah – (اباذر جدة)
Organica Organic Food Home Delivery in Jeddah and Makkah

Dr. AlShahwans Organic Food Home Delivery Service
Lulu Organic Section

Biobest Organic Food Store in Riyadh (NOW CLOSED)
Organic Food Center
Nutrition Corner

2015 Entries
Lulu Khurais Road – organic and gluten free products

Organic gluten-free foods in Riyadh
Biobest (NOW CLOSED)

Behind the Scenes of organic farms in Saudi Arabia
Part 1
Part 2

Organic restaurants/restaurants serving organic/healthy food in KSA
Pizza Fusion  (Jeddah)

O Cafe (Jeddah) – Organic products and cooked food of soups, salads, sandwiches, smoothies and desserts.

Lite Bite (Jeddah) – diet food to order

Salmontini (Jeddah) – Specializing in all things salmon, but do offer some great vegetarian/vegan friendly salads. (They also serve quinoa salad!)

Bai Bakery – Sourdough bread in Jeddah

Elevation Burger – serves 100% organic, grass fed beef in their burgers.

Z Pizza – organic pizza chain with 4 locations, online delivery and vegan cheese.

Makkah Clock Tower – vegan, organic, vegetarian, macrobiotic and diabetic menus available with advanced request.

Organic Beauty Salon

You’re Chic Beauty Salon Riyadh – offers hairstyling, make up, manicures and pedicures using certified organic products


25 responses to “Organic Food Saudi Arabia

    • Hi,

      We generally buy organic wheat from Watania, germinate and sprout, and then juice the grass.

      I don’t know of any store that specifically sells wheatgrass seeds.


      • Hello,
        please do you know any organic store in Dhahran or Khobar where i can get organic essential oils and food.

      • Hi Ta,

        This is the list of organic food stores in KSA.

        You should also check the larger supermarkets for organic food.

        I am not sure who sells essential oils in Khobar. Khobar is very close to Bahrain. I am sure you will find essential oils and a wider selection of organic food there. IF you go to Bahrain, check out the Organic Food and Cafe.


  1. Hi,

    Do you know where I can find almond butter or any butter except peanut butter in Riyadh?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Noor,

      They usually have hazelnut butter and almond butter from Natureland.

      Almond butter is very easy to make if you have a good food processor.
      1) Soak 2 cups of almonds(not the blanched almonds) overnight in some water.
      2) The next day, drain the water. Place the almonds in an oven with very low heat to remove the moisture.
      3) Once the almonds are dry, place the almonds in a food processor.
      4) Scrape down the sides as the almonds are being processed. IT takes about 7 minutes for the almond butter to become super creamy.
      5) Place in sterilized air tight jars in the fridge. Enjoy your almond butter. 🙂


  2. Hello Sarah,
    thanks for your response.
    My family and I have never been to Riyadh and we plan to spend one night there this weekend. I’m hoping we will be able to see all the organic stores there :).
    If you have any helpful hints, pls share.
    Thanks again,

  3. Hi,
    i am looking for grass fed meat…where can i find it. i am also looking for raw fresh grass fed unhomogenized unpasteurized cow milk. i used to buy irish meat from Carrefour but they no longer sell it. any help would be appreciated. oh one more thing…i am looking for organic raspberries but i cannot find any i used to buy them from Tamimi but alas not anymore.. thanks in advance.

    • Hello,

      – grass fed meat – try
      – raw fresh grass fed unhomogenized unpasteurized cow milk – You can’t find this at a store. You have to find a farm that is willing to sell the raw milk directly to you.
      – organic raspberries – fresh imported organic raspberries are seasonal. Try looking at the frozen section for organic frozen raspberries or canned organic raspberries.

      Thanks for visiting.

  4. Hey Sarah…….

    Could you tell me where I could find D-mannose around here in Khobar/Dammam/Dhahran ?

    D-mannose is a type of sugar…you probably know of it…I have tried Tamimi and Lulu

    Would really appreciate your help…..

    • Hi Wajih,

      D-mannose is very specialized. GNC is the only place that might have it. Otherwise, you might have to order online or go to Bahrain.

      Apologies for not being more helpful.


      • Sarah,

        Thanks for your speedy answer!
        I will check out GNC……….or i will try to get it from bahrain or dubai. ……
        That was helpful enough, no need to apologize. …..

        Thanks again

      • Hello, please does anyone know any organic product in the Kingdom, that is good for hair growth & strength. For some reasons my hair in the middle is breaking. Pls help !!. Thanks   Toro Adesina Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, and Today is a gift.

  5. Hey Sara,

    Do you by any chance know where I can find grass fed butter in the eastern province, or even Bahrain?

    Thanks alot, I love the website

    • Hi Hani,

      In Bahrain, the organic foods and cafe at Seef mall might have grass fed butter. I am not sure about grass fed butter in the eastern province.

      Hope this helps!

      Best wishes,

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