List of Gyms for Women in Riyadh

Many Riyadh based readers have been asking me if I can put a list together of gyms/fitness centers for females in Riyadh. This is the perfect time to add this list as many of these gyms should have great promotions in the new year. At the start of every new year, I’m sure nearly everyone adds a fitness resolution to their list…make this year the year that you stick to your fitness resolution! If you have the time and monetary commitment available, take advantage of the offers to join a gym and achieve your fitness goal. However, please do not to worry if you don’t have the time or the money, I’ll show you how you can achieve your fitness goals easily at home too in the next post.

By all means, this list is not a list of all the female gyms in Riyadh. I’ve listed these gyms in no particular order. Hopefully, there’s a gym to suit everyone’s budget. Please call and book a tour to decide if the gym is right for you. I will add a map to show the location of these gyms in Riyadh later on.

Good Luck! Be the fittest and healthiest version of yourself for 2014!

List of gyms for women in Riyadh

1) NuYU Gym (Al Yasmin and Al Murooj districts)

2) Yibreen (Al Mutamarat district)

3) Ramah Fitness Center (Next to King Faisal Specialist Hospital)

4) Kore studios (Al Khuzama district)

5) Al-Multaqa (Al Rabwa/Exit 13)

6) Spectrum (Al Olaya)

7) Al Manahil (Diplomatic Quarter)

8) Luthan (Diplomatic Quarter)

9) Curves (Panorama Mall/Olaya/Al Rayyan/Al Rabwah)

10) Impact Center (King Fahd Road, located in the Specialized Medical Center Building)

11) Kinetico (Takhassussi Road)

12) Lumiere Ladies Center (Olaya Street/Next to Kingdom Tower)

13) Glow Fit (Tahlia)

14) Dr Cosmo Fitness Center (Al-Mohammadiyah – Google Coordinates)

15) Motion Personal Training – offers personal training services for women in KSA

16) Indigo Wellness Center – Boutique yoga and wellness center in Suleimania


9 responses to “List of Gyms for Women in Riyadh

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I cannot believe I have just stumbled upon this treasure of a site – what a fantastic and super-informative blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to share all this information on organic food and healthy living.

    I was just wondering if you happened to know of any gyms/places for females in Riyadh, which have a well-maintained and decent-sized indoor pool?

    Many thanks, and keep up the great work!

    • Hi Mary,

      I am not sure if there are any female gyms next to King Saud Medical City. I would recommend checking in the Kind Saud Medical City for a gym. Usually medical cities contain a gym. If that is unsuccessful, I think home workouts using youtube would be a good option. Sports equipment can be brought from Saco.

      Hope this helps!


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