List of Beauty Salons/Make-Up Artists in Riyadh


When it comes to beauty salons in Riyadh, the list is endless. From home service to a relaxing five star experience, there’s a salon to suit everyone beauty budget. For a salon to be deemed worth a repeat visit, a few basic requirements will need to satisfied. These are the following –

  • Clean and tidy environment – the floors should be free of hair, the sinks should be disinfected after every customer etc
  • Not using counterfeit products (Yes, it can even happen in the most expensive salon)
  • Experienced employees – They should at least be able to trim hair straight
  • Friendly service  – grumpy employees are a sign that there’s something wrong at their workplace

Using my above requirements, I’ve compiled the following list of  beauty salons, hair stylists and make-up artists. I’ve either used or plan to use my recommendations. I apologize that the list is not very extensive – I don’t have a lot of time to visit salons so I end up using our in-house stylists. (In addition, I should make you aware that I don’t color my hair so I’m not sure of the quality of these services.)

For those on a budget or seeking a great deal, sign up to use Cobone to use their beauty discount vouchers.

German Beauty Center – plan to visit

  1. AlSulaymaneyah – AbuBakur AlRazi Street-Next to the French Corner, Riyadh
  2. Sulymaniah 30,PrinceMomdowhBinAbdAlAziz St.

Yibreen (Takhasussi Street) | In addition to my review linked, I’ve used their make-up services. The make-up looked perfect for 6 hours, despite the fact I was in a very hot room with over a hundred people.

Hea Hairdressers (Olaya – Kingdom Ladies Floor) | +966 1 211 2004/+966 1 211 2003 | Lebanese celebrity hairdressers that I totally recommend for when you need to go all out for that wedding. It’s quite expensive compared to the other salons in this list. It’s very popular during the wedding season (October to May) and during weekends.

Mariyah (Olaya) | Mainly use their hair dressing services.

Maison de Joelle (Olaya) | Mainly use their make-up services for weddings. They’re great if you need to look extremely glamorous.

Vog (Olaya) | Plan to visit.

Lina Sabbouh Center (Olaya)  | Make-up artist. Plan to visit

You & Me (Olaya) | Plan to visit. From what I’ve heard, they have a great henna artist.

Luthan (DQ) | I love their spa treatments (Ayuverdic treatments and cupping) and make-up services. If you want to look glamorous without looking like you’re caked in make-up, I recommend their make-up artists. I find that their make-up also photographs the best.

Al Manahil (DQ) | Plan to visit.

4 Nail Spa (DQ)   | Sill the best manicure/pedicure and customer service in Riyadh! Love these guys!

You’re Chic (Al Worood) | Organic beauty salon that I plan to visit. I am not sure of their services because they didn’t answer my phone call or respond to my email. (Have you visited? What was your experience like?)

Multaqa (Al-Rabwa/Exit 13) | Plan to visit.

ESPA at the Faisaliah | I’ve only tried their facial treatments and endermologie services. I would advice caution using their hairdressing services-there have been a few major disasters in that place! Ensure the stylist understands your request and you’re comfortable. Endermologie is pretty standard everywhere you go. All in all, it’s a luxurious and relaxing experience for spa treatments. Given the fact it’s an international name brand spa, I would expect better customer service. For price list, click for Treatment Tariff . (I will write a full review when I hit 7 visits)

Spa To Go (home services)  They offer a wide range of treatments from the comfort of your home. Treatments include manicure, pedicure, eyebrow/face threading/blow dry, aromatherapy massage and waxing. For Riyadh services, their contact telephone is 054 440 8585.

Other notable hair stylists and make up artists in Riyadh

Amal  | make-up artist

Reem  | make-up artist

Waad | make-up artist

Shahad Beauty | make-up artist

Najla  | make-up artist

Sarah Make-Up  | make-up artist

Beauty by Mashael – make-up artist

May | hairstylist

Ziad Badran | hairstylist (I use him mainly for weddings)


2 responses to “List of Beauty Salons/Make-Up Artists in Riyadh

    • HI Marium,

      What is your budget for facials? There are some Indian salons that don’t charge over 100SAR for facials, but these are in Malaz or Murabbah. If your budget is restricted, maybe you can have a salon facial every two to three months and then maintain at home in between appointments?

      Best wishes,

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